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7 Things You Need to Consider When You Hire Office Cleaning Service Port Melbourne.

Are you looking for office cleaning services in Melbourne? No doubt, cleaning an office requires professional experience and the right skills. So, it can be very difficult and time-consuming for you without anyone of these. Keeping an office space clean is extremely important. That’s not only because of unexpected clients’ visits but also for the productivity and health of your staff.

It may sound overwhelming to find a cleaning service that will cater to your needs. All you have is to consider some key factors when looking for a cleaning service in Port Melbourne. As a result, it can help save enough time and hassle. In this guide, we have listed seven important factors to consider when hiring office cleaning Port Melbourne.


No Doubt, quality should be a priority when choosing the right cleaning service. Remember, a cleaning service that offers a low price might not be a perfect solution to your cleaning needs. Also, low prices come with hidden charges. As a result, it may end up costing you more. For that purpose, you need to prefer quality over price.

The best way is to choose a company that offers reasonable, transparent cleaning quotes. If you are paying for the quality, some services may charge higher than usual. At Ivy Property Services, all of our cleaning services come at competitive prices. Most importantly, we always use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment to deliver high-quality results.

Packages / Offers

Every company has different cleaning packages and offers. So, you cannot directly say some company is expensive or not. It all depends on the packages for the cleaning service they are offering. You need to choose a package that suits your office cleaning Melbourne needs. Make sure it satisfies your requirements as well as your budget.


What’s matter the most for your staff? Of course, safety is one of the most important elements of any successful commercial space. The cleaning process may lead to injuries if not performed professionally or in the right way. For this reason, choose a company with qualified and highly trained workers. Also, make sure they will perform cleaning activities without hurting the health of your staff.


Professionalism and safety often go hand in hand when it comes to office cleaning Port Melbourne. Safety standards are part of the cleaning company’s professionalism. Simply, it can be observed looking at the work of their workers or employees. If the workers wear proper uniforms, it means the company has a broad vision to stay on the market for a long time. Also, a company’s professionalism can be determined by looking at its website. Remember, a professional cleaning company should have an appealing website.

At Ivy Property Services, we have put together a team of professionals to ensure desired cleaning results. We make sure to comply with the commercial cleaning standards while offering services.


What makes a cleaning company the best choice? They have the required cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies to get the job. You cannot simply buy every single piece of cleaning equipment to clean your office spaces. Also, your employees may lack the right expertise and skills to use the cleaning equipment. So, make sure to deal with real professionals instead of tackling a difficult cleaning process. Prefer a cleaning company that has top-of-the-line cleaning equipment.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, many business owners often overlook customer service offered by the cleaning company. But, it should not have to be that way. You need to think about customer service when choosing the right office cleaning Port Melbourne service. Before you sign a deal with a company, make sure to check how professional the customer representatives are.

You can contact them via email or phone to ensure customer service is up to the mark. Ask a few relevant questions and check whether or not they can guide you in the right way. If you get answers quickly, it is very likely they have excellent customer service.

License and Insurance

Last but not least, make sure to ensure the company is insured and has a proper license. They should offer insurance related to the activities they perform. If their workers damage some of the belongings, insurance will come in handy compensating for the loss.

These seven tips are more than enough to understand why you need a professional office cleaning Melbourne service. Ivy Property Services is a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs, no matter commercial or residential. Our extensive experience, high-quality cleaning supplies, and the latest cleaning equipment make us the best cleaning service provider in Melbourne.

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