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Did you know body corporate and strata cleaning service is essential to maintain a healthy environment? Nowadays, most of the commercial properties come with commonly used areas. Some examples are car parks, common area toilets, foyers, staircases and lifts. Therefore, for many body corporates, building common area cleaning and maintenance has become a huge responsibility. These common areas are high traffic areas. Therefore strata cleaning is a challenging task for body corporate management. But a professional cleaning service will provide services to fulfil any tasks for you.

Importance of hiring a professional body corporate cleaning service

A professional body corporate and strata cleaning service will ensure your work is completed on time. Also, they will make sure to meet your budget requirements.

In fact, body corporate management cost is the total amount spent to maintain and manage the property each year. You might be spending thousands of dollars to clean and maintain your property each year. However, hiring a professional body corporate cleaning can save your body corporate management cost.  That is because they are committed to offering you cost-effective methods in cleaning and maintenance. 

Moreover, you are responsible to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone who lives on your property. Hiring a professional and responsible body corporate cleaning service will maintain extreme safety of yourself and others. If you hire a body corporate cleaning service, they will ensure you with complete cleaning solutions and safety. As a result, it will allow you to continue with regular work.

One of the most important factors in hiring a professional cleaning service is the quality of work they offer. They are extremely experienced and well trained. Hence, they know the best in cleaning materials, chemicals, machines, and equipment required. Therefore, they will assure you of complete and detailed clean up of your property.

Body corporate cleaning tasks

Depending on your needs, a professional body corporate cleaning services can include the following tasks. Those tasks will help to extend your property life too.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of your building
  • Outdoors, Hallways and Communal areas cleaning
  • Windows and building facade cleaning
  • Cleaning, scrubbing, sanitizing floors and all other surfaces
  • Vacuuming sofa, furniture, carpets, and floor
  • Vacuuming and dry or steam cleaning of carpets
  • Upholstery and carpet dry or steam cleaning
  • Bin cleaning
  • Cleaning garbage disposable areas
  • Cleaning tiles and grout and hard floor buffing or polishing
  • Graffiti and waste removal
  • Full cleaning and disinfecting toilets, bathrooms, and other common areas
  • Ordering and restocking consumables like toilet paper, soaps, and hand towels 
  • Garden cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining the carpet and the polish floor

Regular cleaning and maintaining of the carpet floor will maximize their life. Dust and dirt can build up in the fibres over time. Therefore, to keep your carpets looking clean and vibrant, it is important to vacuum regularly. However, it is best if you use a proper vacuum cleaner to do the task. Kaercher is one of the most reputed brands for vacuum cleaners.

Steam cleaning is a recommended cleaning method that is perfect for your carpets. In fact, periodical steam cleaning can deep clean your carpets by removing dirt and disinfecting them. It can also kill bacteria inside your carpets. Having professional cleaning care done is an ideal option. That is because regular carpet maintenance by a professional cleaning team will ensure that your carpets retain their color and texture over the years. That way, you can expect your carpets to have a longer life.

Furthermore, floor polishing plays an important role in maintaining and cleaning process. It can enhance the durability of the floor. However, your floors can lose its radiance over time. Therefore it is important to strip and reseal to keep your floors shiny and attractive for a long period. Most hard flooring surfaces are safe to have a strip and reseal process.  However, you need to ensure to choose the tools and chemicals that are suitable for your floor type. A professional service can help you choose the appropriate tools since they have conclusive knowledge and understanding.

Periodical building pressure cleaning

Unfortunately, most property owners do not realize that there is mould growing in their property. And by the time they discover the fact, it can be too late. Therefore, taking an action before it is too late is important. The best solution to clean and prevent the mould in your building is periodical pressure washing. Any type of mould inside or outside can be removed and reduced by pressure washing.

Pressure cleaning refers to using high-pressure water spray to clean away old paint, mould, dust, and dirt. You can hire a professional body corporate cleaning company to clean your building. As a result, it will extend the lifetime of the building and paintwork.

Regular window cleaning

It does not matter how clean and tidy you keep the inside and how often you clean and repaint. If the windows are in bad condition, it can impact your overall appearance. This will make you lose the image you want to achieve.  When you hire strata cleaner, they use proper technique and equipment to clean the windows. It will reduce the buildup of calcium. Most importantly, it will extend the life and keep the good look of your windows. 

Well maintaining common area bathrooms

Regular cleaning and disinfecting keep your common area bathrooms clean and sanitary. Dirt, mold, and mildew can cause floors and bathroom fittings to stain and deteriorate. However, you can keep your common area bathrooms in perfect condition if you hire a professional cleaning service.

Regular car park cleaning

Your car park is the first thing people notice before they enter your building. Therefore, you cannot forget about keeping a well-maintained car park. In fact, removing dirt, oil, and mold regularly can extend the life of your car park. Also, it can save your time and effort on repairs. You can simply achieve this by hiring a professional and responsible body corporate cleaning service. If you request, they will include the car park maintenance to the cleaning checklist.

Why Ivy is the best pick for your body corporate cleaning service needs?

At Ivy property services, we have years of experience in offering our customers with body corporate and strata cleaning services. Therefore, we can customize our service to suit your specific needs. Our body corporate and strata cleaning and maintenance services cover all the necessary tasks to extend your property life.

We can guarantee that you will receive a professional, responsible, and reliable body corporate cleaning when you choose to work with Ivy property services. Melbourne-based body corporates can receive quality strata cleaning. That is because we have a well trained and professional working team to fulfil all your requirements.  Also, we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, methods, machines, and types of equipment. We provide quality and efficient cleaning service that can meet your individual needs. Moreover, we use the latest cleaning technology and equipment.

Our body corporate and strata cleaning expert team is always here for you. And we will look after your property in the best manner. Contact and start a conversation with us today and find out how we could help keep your body corporate property cleaner and more hygienic.

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