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Carpet Cleaning Quality Does not Only Depend On Machine PSI

In fact, carpet machine psi plays an integral role. But, it does not guarantee the successful cleaning of carpet unless combined with other important factors. Most importantly, a cleaning company should have experience and expertise to deal with carpet steam cleaning.

Keep scrolling down and learn about the major factors you need to consider while hiring a company for deep carpet cleaning.

Professional Knowledge

A professional cleaner can determine the cleaning issues at a single glance. Simply, he has the professional knowledge of different types of carpets and stains they may expose to. To ensure thorough cleaning of a carpet, professional knowledge is vital, of course.

Types of carpets

Proper knowledge of types of carpets can result in quality cleaning. Understanding different fabrics for carpets can help you adjust psi accordingly as well. You cannot just rely on machine psi, knowing about types of carpet is a key to quality carpet steam cleaning, without any doubt.

At IVY Cleaning, we have a team of experienced cleaners who have been doing this work for several years. Alongside using a reliable steam machine, we have professional knowledge of other vital factors to ensure achieving desired outcomes.

Types of stains

You should determine the types of stains on a carpet in no time. Different types of stains require different cleaning methods and chemicals. For instance, old stains may require higher psi as compared to pet stains. Similarly, pet stains need certain chemicals that can help in odor removal. Therefore, only a cleaner with professional knowledge can deal with steam carpet cleaning.

Height of the pile

Always consider the height of the pile for steam carpet cleaning. High-pile carpets require a different approach to cleaning as compared to short-pile carpets.

Experienced Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Experience, of course, matters the most in any industry, cleaning is no exception. To ensure carpet cleaning quality, experience always comes first. Experienced cleaners have already done many similar projects and thus they can provide you cost-effective solutions for your carpet cleaning. Moreover, such cleaners are highly-trained who can use steam cleaning machines effectively. Obviously, there is a huge difference in terms of experience between a long-serving cleaner and a newbie in this field. With the help of carpet cleaning Melbourne reviews, you can decide on professional and experienced cleaners.

The professional team at IVY Cleaning has years of experience when it comes to steam carpet cleaning. With our innovative techniques and cleaning approach, we can help you get the work done efficiently. Moreover, our cleaning products are safe that can make your carpets last long and durable.

Process Knowledge For Carpet Cleaning

A professional carpet cleaning service can remove the maximum amount of dirt from your carpet. Moreover, it minimises the potential damage to the floor as well. Having process knowledge for cleaning can help you achieve desired outcomes.


The very first step is vacuuming that you need to carry out effectively. Powerhead vacuums can thoroughly clean areas. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can lift a carpet pile. It can increase the effectiveness of loose dirt removal.


In this process, you can use less effective cleaning procedures of water and spray to remove less stubborn stains.

Stain Treatment

Before a steam cleaning, you need to go for a stain treatment to eliminate food and red wine spills, dog urine, and lipstick stain. Vacuuming or steam cleaning alone cannot remove these stains. Therefore, you should use a carpet stain remover that can provide an effective stain treatment solution.

Steam Cleaning

For successful steam cleaning, make sure to adjust the settings based on carpet condition and fabric type. For thorough cleaning, move from one corner of the room to the other. You can often move back and forth which can result in deep steam carpet cleaning. Once your carpet is cleaned, allow it to dry to avoid any mold growth.

Carpet Grooming

After steam cleaning of your carpet, you can enhance its look with the help of carpet grooming. Moreover, it can help in reducing crushing and matting of the pile. Carpet grooming can also trigger evaporation thus aiding the carpet drying process at the same time.


It is vital to allow the carpet to dry as quickly as possible after steam cleaning. If it takes a long time to dry, microbial growth can occur resulting in odor. The amount of water used in the cleaning process, airflow, the thickness of the carpet pile, and various deodorant and protection treatments can affect the drying process.

Hot Water Extraction Is Better Than Cold Water

People often find it difficult to choose between hot water extraction and cold water. A professional cleaner always knows best which temperature is suitable for carpet cleaning. As with other cleaning processes, for instance, hot water can thoroughly clean dishes with greasy stains as compared to cold water. It is because, with the increase in temperature, water releases more heat that results in deep cleaning. Therefore, the hot water extraction method is better for carpet cleaning as well. Most importantly, the hot water allows the carpet to keep its resilience and loft alongside removing dirt, dust, and stains.


A higher psi machine does not necessarily result in successful cleaning on a really damaged carpet. Therefore, the usage of detergents and chemicals can play a vital role. To remove pet odour, the psi machine alone can do nothing unless you go for an efficient and high-quality chemical or detergent. Different cleaning chemicals are available for different fabrics and stains. A professional cleaner should use safe and secure chemical cleaning products. Most importantly, if eco-friendly products can do the same job, avoid using chemicals that can affect your health and environment at the same time.

Higher Pressure Can Damage Carpet

Be careful when adjusting pressure on the steam cleaning machine. Higher pressure can damage your carpet. Therefore, professional cleaners can help you choose a suitable pressure based on your cleaning needs. However, without proper knowledge and understanding, higher pressure can damage it in two ways:

Can damage physically

If your carpet is too delicate or soft, a higher pressure will, of course, damage it physically. Based on the carpet fabric, you need to adjust the psi range accordingly.


Higher pressure results in more water that can make it difficult to dry quickly. As discussed earlier, you should allow your carpet to dry as soon as possible to avoid any mold and odor. When a carpet does not dry properly, it can lead to mold growth.


Some of the discussed vital factors are as important as machine psi when it comes to successful carpet cleaning. A long-serving and certified cleaning company can ensure thorough cleaning of your carpets. Such a company has the professional knowledge, experience, and understanding of the cleaning process and chemicals to ensure optimum outcomes.

At IVY Cleaning, our carpet cleaning Melbourne reviews make us stand out in the market. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you!

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