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Carpets are undoubtedly one of the dirtiest items in any building, as they act as a breeding ground for dust mites and germs. They require intensive cleaning for removal of harmful contaminants to avoid indoor air pollution, which can cause respiratory problems to the inhabitants of the building. For all the carpet cleaning Melbourne needs, residential and commercial clients can reach us. Ivy is the “best carpet cleaning near me”. So, look no further!

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 Steam cleaning is an effective method for cleaning carpets made from different types of materials. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We use non-toxic cleaning products and complete the process with diligence so that no damage occurs to the carpet. We carry dryers with us to dry the carpets quickly as we never let our clients face any kind of inconvenience.

Professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne for residential carpet

Carpet steam cleaning is the best cleaning solution to clean carpet and remove dust or bacteria. Carpet vacuum or carpet dry cleaning is not enough to remove all germs. On the other hand, daily vacuuming and occasionally carpet steam cleaning can help to keep your house clean and fresh. Ivy property services is the Best carpet cleaning Melbourne companywith cheap price and latest carpet steam cleaning machines.

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Affordable carpet steam cleaning Melbourne service for Commercial carpet

Commercial property Carpet cleaning Melbourne is different from residential carpet steam cleaning. That is because carpet material and areas are different. School carpet steam cleaning, restaurant carpet steam cleaning and office carpet steam cleaning need special training. In addition, those services need commercial carpet steam cleaning machine as well. Our commercial carpet steam cleaning team has a good experience. In fact, we use the industry’s best machines to clean commercial carpet. Ivy property services do thousands of square meters per day when it’s come to school or university carpet steam cleaning.


5-star Carpet cleaning Melbourne reviews will help to select best cleaners Melbourne

Several results will come up when you search “carpet steam cleaner near me”. However, it is worth spending a few minutes to read reviews before you book a professional carpet cleaner. That is because you can know the experience of previous users of similar services. Then you can select a cheap and best professional carpet steam cleaner without wasting your money and time.

Cheap carpet steam cleaning & the Best carpet cleaning Melbourne

Many years of experience in the cleaning have lead us to know the best carpet steam cleaning chemicals for each type of carpet and best machine to cover any size of a building. Therefore, we can offer the best price for your job. Ivy property services indeed is a 5-star carpet cleaning Melbourne cleaning company and we guarantee customer satisfaction.



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