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Carpet Steam Cleaning: Best PSI For Deep Carpet Steam Cleaning

Are you looking for deep cleaning of your carpets? With the help of a professional steam cleaning, your carpet can restore its original condition. Different carpet steam cleaning machines are available in the market. Make sure a company comes up with a machine that suits your carpet cleaning requirements. Two Types Of Carpet In Australia – Residential or Commercial

For residential or commercial use, you can choose among different graded carpets that feature a star system. This system refers to the performance properties of a carpet. The more stars, of course, the better performance and quality. As a result, you can decide which carpet is suitable for your needs. Residential carpets come up with yellow and blue labels. When it comes to the star rating, these carpets range from one to six stars. For commercial use, carpets are available in gold and black labels. Moreover, they have a maximum of four-star ratings.

Importance Of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is vital for your carpets to thoroughly clean them. That is also known as the “hot water extraction” method, uses extremely hot water which is directed into the carpets and suck back to carries along with dirt and grime. Steam cleaning can remove toxins and bacteria from your carpet. It is the most effective and deep cleaning method that works best as compared to other methods. Most importantly, professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne is good for your carpets to last longer.
Carpet Steam Cleaning Machines

Do you wonder is it really important whether a company uses truck-mounted or a portable carpet
steam cleaning machine?


Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful extraction units. From higher water temperatures to adjustable PSI ranges, such a machine can deep clean your carpet. With the greatest suction power, a truck-mounted can suck even the deeper grime from your carpets. You should look for a truck-mounted machine if you want to deep clean the carpets of your entire home. However, if you just want to spruce up a small area of carpet, you can go for a portable machine as well.


As the name suggests, portable carpet cleaning machines are easy to carry. For high rise buildings or apartment blocks, such machines are ideal. Different portable machines come up with different suction power and PSI ranges. You need to choose one that suits your carpet

cleaning needs. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Melbourne, IVY Cleaning has a wide range of portable machines to meet your needs. With the help of a portable machine, cleaning into smaller spaces is quite simple and easy. Moreover, when you live in a high rise building, a truck-mounted machine cannot reach above the third floor. Even if it does, its effectiveness tends to reduce due to long-distance. Therefore, a portable machine is a perfect choice for this specific scenario.

What Is PSI?

PSI refers to Pounds per square inch, and it is the most common unit of pressure. PSI is used in different pressure measuring applications such as fuel storage & distribution, tire pressure, wastewater management, and many others. Most importantly, it is usually used for technical non- SI industrial purposes. Different PSI Machines

When it comes to carpet steam cleaning, machines vary in terms of psi ranges.

Low rate psi machine (50 – 150 psi)
Some professional carpet cleaners tend to use low rate psi machines. Such machines can achieve desired outcomes when coupled with an efficient vacuum system. Moreover, if your carpet has a soft fabric, it is better to use a pump with low psi. Such pumps are often known as diaphragm pumps.
Britex, Rug doctor carpet cleaning machine can help in the regular deep cleaning of your carpets. It can minimise allergens and remove stains from your carpets.

Mid-range machine (200 – 600 psi)
Mid-range psi machines can provide quick clean-ups. You can clean a carpet with fewer passes of the wand. Moreover, you can adjust the pressure on such machines. A professional steam cleaning provider can adjust the desired pressure that suits your carpet cleaning needs. Such a machine is perfect to remove dirt and grime from your carpets.

Higher range (600 – 1600 psi)
When it comes to carpet cleaning, 1000 psi is the maximum range normally. However, some machines come up with more range, up to 1600 psi. Although you cannot use such high pressure for carpet cleaning, it is ideal for hard floor cleaning. Therefore, such a machine offers more applications. Most importantly, when you opt for a bigger pump, it runs at less power thus resulting in a more
reliable and long-lasting pump system.

How To Decide The Best PSI

Before deciding on the psi machine, consider a few vital factors:

Type of fabric
Based on carpet fabric, you may need a different psi setting. For regular carpet cleaning, a range of 100-400 psi is ideal. However, a high psi range may require for cleaning thick carpet fabric. You can go as low as 50 psi for cotton or nylon. Therefore, you should consider the type of fabric and decide the best psi accordingly.

Carpet condition

A carpet with old stains requires high pressure of cleaning. If your carpet has not been treated for years, 100 psi is not going to work for you, of course. At the same time, be careful about being too aggressive with delicate materials. Consider your carpet condition and choose a suitable psi machine.

Pile height

When determining psi, always take pile height into account. Such carpets leave more room for dirt and dust. As a result, low pressure will not suck enough debris. Therefore, for a high pile, you may go for 300 or 400 psi. At IVY Cleaning, our experienced team knows it better than anyone else when it comes to carpet steam cleaning. Our commitment to providing high-quality services makes us the best carpet cleaning Melbourne provider.


Steam carpet cleaning has utmost importance to deep clean your carpets. However, you need to
set proper psi considering the above factors. A professional team at IVY Cleaning Company can
help you get the work done efficiently.

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