Importance Of Choosing The Appropriate Cleaning Products For Commercial Cleaning Service

The selection of appropriate commercial cleaning products matters the most. Awareness of creating a green environment is increasing around the globe. Employers need to bring this awareness to their workspace by utilizing eco-friendly cleaning products. When it comes to commercial cleaning service, several toxic chemicals are well-known for cleaning purposes. However, knowing about the limitations of chemicals and their side effects are quite important. Eco-friendly cleaning products are environmentally-friendly. Such products are as effective as dangerous chemicals. Therefore, appropriate cleaning products have the utmost importance for an office cleaning service.

Difference between chemical and eco products used in cleaning cleaning service Melbourne

For commercial cleaning service, we use two types of products, namely chemical and eco products. Both products can be used for specific purposes and have their advantages & disadvantages as well. Chemicals can be toxic. Commercial cleaners usually use them for high-duty applications where eco products are not as efficient. However, the natural products of the highest-quality can provide seamless cleaning solutions just like chemical products.

You may wonder whether natural products clean as efficiently as chemical products or not?

Therefore, knowing about their difference can help you choose the appropriate product for office cleaning service.

Chemical products

As the name suggests, chemical cleaning products are the blend or mixture of multiple ingredients in different quantities. Various chemicals serve the purpose of varying cleaning usages in the commercial sector. Undoubtedly, chemicals do the job. These products are highly-efficient and can yield maximum cleaning solutions in a blink of an eye. However, such products also come up with potential risks. Chemicals are toxic and can affect your health and the environment.

Have you ever heard about volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

These are the most hazardous chemical agents to affect our environments – such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia. Keep in mind that chemical products work positively as long as you use them in a limited way. Constant exposure to chemicals can lead to some serious risk for employees and, of course, to the environment.

Office cleaning service requires the usage of different chemicals for different purposes. Obviously, rubber floor cleaning chemicals won’t work for hard surface cleaning.

Here is a list of some chemicals that cleaners usually use for office cleaning service.
  • Neutral pH cleaner – cleaning of hard surface, tabletop, walls
  • Alkaline degreaser – ceramic floors
  • Non-ammonia based glass cleaner – windows
  • Acid-based bowl cleaner
  • Hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Commercial grade cream cleanser
  • Spot cleaner


Eco-products are environmentally-friendly. In fact, they consist of natural ingredients. You would not believe such products can offer deep and thorough cleaning. Besides, they do not leave a harmful odour and residue usually left behind by toxic chemicals.

You may have come across hearing about cleaning products labelled as “green” products.

Elimination of high toxic fumes is one of the essential benefits associated with using green cleaning products. High-quality natural commercial cleaning products can make the surfaces look their best and last for more extended periods.

Chemicals often result in foul odours affecting the environment and workplace at the same time. On the other hand, eco-products provide a fresher and cleaner environment. Eco-products contain citrus ingredients that can fill your entire work area with a rich and pleasant aroma. Thus, creating a fresh and clean environment, workers tend to work more effectively and boost productivity levels.

Undoubtedly, greener cleaners yield benefits for the environment we live in. They can help your office or industrial staff to work more efficiently. Eco-products create a pleasant environment where the workers spend the majority of their days. When it comes to brightening your workplace and improving the atmosphere, non-toxic cleaners are the way to go.

Take a look at the list of some best eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • Enviro care carpet and upholstery cleaner
  • Moldex – mould removal
  • Osmo wash & care – wood floor cleaner
  • Better life stainless steel polish
  • Simple Green degreaser and limescale remover
  • 7th Generation laundry detergent
  • GreenWorks chlorine-free bleach
  • Odoban Earth Choice toilet bowl cleaner

Advantages & Disadvantages of commercial cleaning chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are undoubtedly the best option for heavy-duty applications because of their ability to deep clean. However, standard products containing harmful chemicals can lead to health issues. Moreover, affecting the environment is another downside of chemical cleaning products.


More effective

Commercial cleaning chemicals are more effective when it comes to thorough cleaning. Such products can leave your workplace sparkling in no time. Standard products contain different chemicals that make them highly effective for cleaning purposes. For instance, glycol ether is highly-effective for the floor, heavy-duty glass, and hard surface cleaning.

Decontamination takes less time

Another advantage of using chemical products is that the decontamination takes less time. Such products can clean the surface in no time, which makes them best for commercial purposes.


Health effects

Some products can release harmful chemicals, including volatile organic compounds that cause health problems. Moreover, when such chemicals get released during cleaning, they lead to chronic respiratory problems, headaches, and allergic reactions. Therefore, make sure to read all labels before buying a chemical cleaning product for commercial cleaning.

Impact on the environment

The use of toxic chemicals for cleaning purposes is one of the significant factors that lead to enviro-related problems. Although such products are useful for deep cleaning, their consequences on the environment shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Advantages & Disadvantages of eco-friendly products

Eco-products provide a great alternative to the many standard products out there. Made up of natural ingredients, eco cleaners are different from traditional chemical products in terms of safety, biodegradability, and elements.



Chemicals consist of toxic ingredients such as ammonia, methyl chloride, and many more. Even though these products are considered to be safe when used appropriately, long-term use can pose lasting severe side effects on the health of workers and the environment. Therefore, such a product is not ideal for factory cleaning chemical. On the other hand, eco-friendly or green products contain non-toxic ingredients (natural ones) in origin. Some of the main ingredients include lactic acid, enzymes, and citric acid. Green cleaners provide top-notch cleaning for commercial purposes and keep the environment clean as well.

Increased biodegradability

Biodegradable products help in controlling pollution, thus creating a clean and green environment for everyone. Natural cleaners are highly-biodegradable, whereas harmful chemicals are not. Toxic chemicals in standard products can be inhaled or unintentionally absorbed in the skin. One of the most significant advantages of Enviro-friendly products is that they are less harmful to the ecosystem.

Less irritation

Products containing harmful chemicals often irritate the senses, skin, and respiratory system. On the contrary, eco-friendly products contain essential oils and safe aromatic ingredients that avoid unnecessary irritation. Moreover, such products result in a clean and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, natural cleaners are the perfect choice for you when it comes to office cleaning service. Keep your office clean and glaring – an enjoyable workplace for the employees to work.



Cost is one of the biggest reasons that make people stick with standard products. Eco-friendly products create a glowing and pleasant atmosphere; however, such products can be costly. Natural ingredients that are highly-sustainable often cost more than those featuring chemicals. For commercial cleaning, you need to opt for high-quality eco products to achieve a seamless solution as with standard products. Therefore, natural cleaning products of top-quality often come in high price tags.

Sustainability and eco-friendly cleaning products

Being safe to use and easy to store, eco-products work as effectively as toxic chemicals. Eco-friendly cleaning products yield positive outcomes through sustainability. When it comes to sustainable cleaning, it refers to the habits or methods that individuals can easily use without worrying about their effect on health and the environment.

For the commercial sector, the usage of enviro-friendly products matters the most. Toxic floor cleaning chemical is affecting the environment by causing pollution when it gets discharged from industries. As a result, people often suffer allergic reactions to chemical cleaning products. Therefore, choosing the appropriate cleaning product is vital in the commercial sector. Most importantly, commercial cleaning services come up with the choice of using only eco-friendly products. There are endless options available out there, and make sure to opt for one that suits your workplace needs.

Social responsibility and eco-friendly cleaning products

The generation of domestic and industrial waste has triggered the impacts on the environment. For a sustainable future, the maintenance of natural resources is crucial. Clean production, social responsibility, and eco-innovation contribute the sustainability. Minimizing the usage of harmful chemicals that lead to health and environment-related problems is a significant part of social responsibility. Moreover, opting for more eco-friendly cleaning can create a clean and fresh environment while increasing the productivity levels at the same time.

When it comes to social responsibility and eco-products, both client and company need to play a vital role. A professional commercial cleaning company can become socially responsible by promoting the usage of eco-friendly cleaning products. Similarly, the client may need to spend some extra bucks for being socially responsible. Our environment demands us to be socially accountable before it gets too late.

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