Cleaning Products For Healthcare

Cleaning Products For Healthcare

There is a dire need for cleaning services in healthcare facilities and medical offices. Other locations that might require such services include labs, pharmacies,and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Larger structures may consist of hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centres, and health clubs so Cleaning Products For Healthcare is essential.

These locations demand much higher standards of hygiene as compared to commercial counterparts because of issues related to regulations, liabilities, medical treatment, contamination, and infection control. Let us take a brief look at how to use Cleaning Products For Healthcare effective procedures while cleaning different functional areas in healthcare facilities.

Operating Theatres

It is always a good practice to dedicate specialized equipment to the surgical area. This means that all tools, products, and equipment used in the operating theatre setting should remain in that area to prevent potential cross- contamination. Moreover, aerosols and sprays are not used inside the operating theatre. You can use Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectants and VersaSure Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes by Clorox. These two products can help to clean surfaces in the operating theatre.

Intensive Care Units

Intensive care units are considered extremely high-risk areas because of the severity of disease in patients that are treated in these facilities. Frequency and process of cleaning ICUs are the same for adult, paediatric and neonatal units. Still, there are specific considerations for neonatal areas. In ICUs, you have to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces twice a day. You must clean the floor of
the intensive care unit with neutral detergent and water. If a neonatal incubator is occupied, disinfectant can only be used on the outside

Just like operating theatres, there are dedicated supplies and equipment for the ICU. These supplies can include everything ranging from mops to buckets. It would be best if you did not use them anywhere else. Please use fresh mops and floor cloths for every cleaning session.

A Heavy Duty Touchless Hand Sanitiser Station should always placed outside each unit to prevent any infection transmission. This station is designed to use with SIQURA Hand Sanitiser which can provide a protective layer over your skin for up to 24 hours at least.


Pharmacies and other departments where medication is often prepared service vulnerable patients in high-risk areas. Every medical facility must develop detailed SOPs and checklists to identify roles and responsibilities for cleaning procedures in the pharmacy.

Portable cars used to transport medications always clean before and after use. Rubbermaid HYGEN Disposable Microfibre Cloth Starter Kit helps for this purpose. It utilizes built-in scrubber technology along with a 99.9% microbe removal claim. All high-touch surfaces, including light switches, countertops, handwashing sinks, cupboard doors, and floors must always disinfected once every 24 hours. Low-touch surfaces such as the tops of shelves, walls, and vents must be sanitized on a weekly basis.


From department heads to students, everyone working in the sensitive setting of the laboratory must operate in a clean and hygienic environment. You can post a basic checklist for the laboratory so that cleaning staff can determine which duties need to be taken care of. This list should include daily cleaning tasks like clearing countertops and benchtops, sweeping floors, sanitizing touchpoints, and more.

All lab equipment are thoroughly cleaned with wither soap water or detergents on a regular basis. You can rinse with purified water to ensure that all soap residue is removed. Medirinse is used for laboratory equipment as well. It is designed as a water dispersant and is used in clinical disinfectors and automatic instrument washing machines. Its primary purpose is to disperse the rinse water to ensure rapid drying of instruments and utensils.


Toilets in healthcare facilities can be either private or shared. They exposes to many people . As a result, toilets can be very easily contaminated. This is why, they are considered as a communal site for pathogen transmission. In some particular cases, toilets in medical centres are treated more than twice a day. Shared toilets demand a dedicated cleaning staff so that any chances of infection transmission can be minimized.

Usually, a good practice to clean private toilets once a day and shared toilets twice a day. Frequently contaminated surfaces including but not limited to sinks, taps, handles, and toilet seats, must be disinfected more recurrently. You can use Lemon Disinfectant for toilets as it not only solvent-free but also leaves behind a pleasant lemon-pine aroma. It is a commercial-grade
disinfectant and is safe for use on most surfaces.

Emergency Departments

The cleaning risks associated with emergency departments can vary from moderate to high, depending upon the situation at hand. The patients arriving at these departments possibly contrast each other in terms of health condition. Due to this, there is a significant increase in the likelihood of contamination. As emergency departments specializes and high-throughput areas, clinical staff can play a majorly active role in these settings.

In these departments, waiting areas are cleaned once every 24 hours, and procedural areas are sterilized before and after each procedure. Moreover, high-touch surfaces and floors of both patient zone and visitor zone must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Regardless of the risk level of an area, spills and contamination from blood or body fluids are more common in emergency rooms. These spills must always cleaned and disinfected immediately using a two-step process. Cleaning staff employed in emergency rooms must be wearing personal protective equipment at all times. Any spill is immediately confined and wiped with absorbent towels and spreads over the spill to solidify the blood or any other fluid. After that, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly using SIQURA Neutral Multi-Surfae Cleaner.

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