Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Difference between commercial cleaning service and residential cleaning service.


Maintaining a hygienic environment is important for a healthy environment regardless of whether the property is residential or commercial. However, the cleaning products and processes vary according to the needs of the environment type. Therefore, it is very important to choose a cleaning company that is trustworthy and cater to the specific needs of the environment – commercial cleaning services.

Commercial areas involve areas commonly used by multiple people while residential areas involve areas used by a family or a very small group of individuals. Therefore, commercial cleaning requires more effort in cleaning than residential, and property vacate cleaning. Moreover, commercial properties have a high cleaning cost than residential property vacate cleaning due to the complexity and higher area of cleaning. Depending on the nature of the commercial cleaning environment, cleaning might involve dealing with potentially hazardous material.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning requires more expertise, money and time than residential cleaning as the cleaners deal with large cleaning equipment and a sophisticated environment. It is a type of cleaning that is done by commercial cleaning companies. These companies use skilled cleaners who use specialised technologies to clean commercial buildings. They include:

  • Schools
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Health facilities
  • offices

Some commercial cleaning companies employ environmentally friendly materials and green cleaning procedures in their regular operations. Green cleaning technologies and chemicals not only have a lower environmental effect, but they also have a lower negative impact on workers who clean buildings on a regular basis. Billing alternatives for commercial cleaning are more effective. They do, in fact, provide it as part of a package for a routine cleaning or speciality in cleaning services. Customers that sign a contract are invoiced on a monthly, weekly, or annual basis, based on their cleaning service providers’ agreements.

Sometimes, commercial cleaning is less risky than residential cleaning for a few reasons. For example, any theft or damage caused in an industrial/commercial environment is covered by the insurance while it’s not the case in residential property vacate cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Service

Residential cleaning services involve cleaning houses with or without the presence of the owners. However, it is usually expected by property vacate cleaners, that the tenants leave the house before cleaning commences.  However, it is not usually considered while performing a general house cleaning

These services are mostly priced according to the workload required. If there is more and more work related to cleaning, the bill for the same will be larger. They are required to provide the cost of the surgery on the same day that the bill is initiated (commercial cleaning services).

Another significant distinction is whether or not home cleaners are insured or bonded. Insurance is not required for a single or domestic cleaning company, implying that the property’s repair costs must be covered by the hired cleaner or paid out of the owner’s pocket.


Cleaning is important for a healthy lifestyle in both residential and commercial settings. Although both services are slightly different, they require a specific skill set. Cleaning companies have adopted in the past to adapt to both commercial and residential cleaning. By choosing the right cleaner, you can ensure that your environment is clean and hygenic.

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