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Do’s and Don’ts of Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washing is everyone’s default option when it comes to exterior house cleaning. It is useful in getting rid of grime and dust from hard surfaces. Pressure Cleaning services are not only used in household settings but also in factory and warehouse settings. As useful as pressure cleaners are, they are extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. Serious injury can occur due to the pressure the machine can exert. Therefore, we will look at the Dos and Don’ts of pressure cleaning to minimize the risk of damage to the cleaner as well as the equipment.

Dos of Pressure Cleaning

Due to the risk of serious damage, it is always best to follow the suggestions given below.

  • Cleaners who perform pressure cleaning for the first time should start with low pressure and work their way up. There are a few reasons for it. Firstly, the cleaner should get the hang of the equipment, and therefore, will have a better posture and handle over the equipment. Secondly, there can be permanent damage left on the floor if the cleaner does not know what pressure the surface can handle.
  • Instead of holding the pressure nozzle at the same spot, a sweeping motion should be maintained. This helps in cleaning the surface at a better pace.
  • Make sure that you use a proper cleaning chemical rather than a toxic chemical as it might damage the floor over the long term.


  • Increasing the pressure of the water while the equipment is in motion can damage the floor being cleaned.
  • Do not use hot water in the machine as it might damage the equipment with time.
  • Do not use the same pressure nozzle in areas as each area can handle a different threshold of pressure.
  • Do not use a pressure washer for External Window Cleaning as it might damage the seals of the windows.

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