External wall Pressure Cleaning

Commercial properties should be vacated and should go through thorough cleaning before being handed over to the owner or the Real estate agency. Deep cleaning involves a lot of aspects; both internal and external. Internal aspects include mechanical scrubbing, mechanical sweeping, cobweb removal, office cleaning, and internal pressure washing. External Pressure washing includes external wall pressure washing, driveway scrubbing, etc. In this article, we will focus on external wall pressure cleaning Melbourne; the process and the price.

External Wall Pressure cleaning: the process

A pressure washer uses either gas or electric, connected to a high-pressure water pump that exerts around 2000 pounds per square inch. A suitable detergent is used with the water so that pressure washing can remove the dirt, mould, and grime from the exterior of the building. This pressure is enough to deal with all the dirt up to two storeys – high-pressure washing – pressure cleaning Melbourne.

External wall pressure washing is also used to loosen the paint from the wall for repainting. Before commencing pressure washing, any hazardous area should be covered. Any electric lines or switchboards should be covered with waterproof material immediately. Also, any area that has plants should be closed off completely so that detergent water does not affect the plants.

More tips for pressure cleaning Melbourne

There are two ways Pressure cleaning can be done depending on the levels available on the property. If there are two storeys or less, a telescopic wand is enough to reach the surfaces across all the levels. However, if the pressure cleaning should be done across multiple levels, a boom lift is necessary. The cleaner will climb on the equipment and use the pressure washer to clean the surface – Pressure Cleaning Melbourne.

Using hot water instead of cold water for pressure cleaning could help in the effectiveness of the process. Moreover, the area should be washed from the bottom up for better results. The best professional pressure cleaning Melbourne companies can do this in no time

The cost of the pressure cleaning is dependent on the area of the building, the number of levels and the condition of the property. If you are a Strata cleaning manager or the landlord, you can always reach out to us for an obligation free quotation.

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