Factory Cleaning in Melbourne

Melbourne has been hit with yet another lockdown however as we continually notice (usually by the uptake of online shopping), manufacturing is considered an essential service. Therefore, businesses still need to keep their factories clean! Without maintaining their premises, productivity is reduced which means overall output is reduced- it’s basic supply and demand economics really. With demand increasing, supply must meet this new equilibrium otherwise there is a surplus or a shortage.

This isn’t a blog post about economics though.

This is a blog post about how to clean your factory. Now, your cleaners are still considered essential so don’t be afraid to give us a call.

Clean up the Trash

So often bits of cardboard, plastic or other packaging materials can get strewn around. Before you do any cleaning make sure that you pick up all these little bits of debris because often the vacuum or sweeper won’t pick them up. Also, important to note: cleaners don’t always grab things like boxes or recycling if they are in large chunks so this is a good starting point no matter which direction you decide to go.

DIY or Pay Someone Else?

You can always do the cleaning yourself and some clients do manage parts of the factory themselves- particularly if there are warehouses that aren’t typically used and therefore do not need the same attention as others. It’s common practice but if you have a large factory that has a lot of foot traffic then it can be beyond what is reasonable for you to waste your precious time on.

It’s also very dependent on the type of products you keep stored or the work you are doing. In pre-COVID times this sometimes was less of a consideration but now there is absolutely no way around the fact that cleaning standards are higher than ever. It’s known that COVID is not going away anytime soon.

In Conclusion?

Ivy Property Services know exactly what and how things need to be done so it’s really the best option for your business. Nothing beats the professionals, let alone those who are remarked to be some of the best in the business.

Contact us today for a free comprehensive quote for a factory cleaning service and you won’t be disappointed at the 5-star service we provide.

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