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All types of floors are prone to wear and tear, and so, stripping and sealing become necessary to restore the floor to its original condition. A sealing system protects the floor against possible damage and improves its look and durability. We select the right sealer for every application depending on the floor type and foot traffic. We ensure to provide the best floor strip and seal cleaning Melbourne for every floor stripping and sealing project.


Floor Stripping and Sealing

Floor stripping and sealing is a great way to refresh the look of any old, tired, worn-out floor. It’s a process that requires specialized techniques and professional expertise, which is why you can choose to go with our floor strip and seal cleaning Melbourne for your own home renovation project. 

Our team of experts will remove all the old wax buildup on your tiled floors in no time at all. and then seal them with an anti-slip finish that has incredibly improved the overall appearance of your floors!

Our priority is our customer satisfaction – we will answer all of your questions and were more than willing to explain what it was that we were doing every step of the way. It will give you a peace of mind knowing that everything was being done correctly and in line with industry standards.

Benefits of Professional floor strip cleaning Service

Investing in professional floor strip and seal cleaning services can be a great benefit to both residential and commercial properties. Professional floor stripping, waxing, and sealing service remove dirt, grime, and any other debris that accumulates on your floors over time resulting in a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Our Melbourne-based professional floor strip and seal cleaning company can help restore your floor’s original shine. This process typically includes pre-treatment cleaning with detergent or degreasers to break down heavy soils. manually removing excess dirt with a scrubbing machine. applying an appropriate stripping solution. rinsing the surface to remove all dirt particles. applying a wax base coat for protection. buffing the surface for extra luster. Applying top coats of high-quality waxes all of which help maintain the life of your floors.

Process of Stripping and Sealing Floors

Stripping and sealing floors is a process that involves the removal of embedded dirt and old sealer, followed by the application of new sealer to protect the floor. This process can be time-consuming but is essential to maintaining a durable and attractive floor. Professional companies offering floor strip and seal cleaning Melbourne are experienced at ensuring this job is done properly, quickly, and safely.

The first step requires prepping the surface for stripping by wetting it with an alkaline solution to remove contaminants. Next, a chemical stripper will dissolve existing sealers or coatings from the surface. Once this has been achieved, scrubbing machines are used to mechanically remove any remaining residues with specialized pads or brushes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Floor Strip and Seal Cleaning Melbourne

in floor strip and seal cleaning in Melbourne, there are several common mistakes that one should avoid. Firstly, the most important mistake is to not hire a professional cleaner. This can be costly in the long run as they have access to quality equipment and products that will give superior results. 

Without such access, DIY results may be subpar and even detrimental to the flooring’s well-being. Secondly, another mistake often made is not pre-treating the flooring with an appropriate chemical before starting the stripping process. Such a step requires knowledge of what type of sealer was previously used on the flooring to be appropriately masked or removed for flawless results after using a stripper.

Floor Strip And Seal Cleaning Melbourne Cost Considerations 

Cost is always a major factor that influences the decision-making process, and there are several elements to look at when researching services. First, one should compare quotes from multiple companies to get an idea of the range in price for similar services. Additionally, one should determine what exactly is included in each service; some companies may offer more comprehensive packages for a higher cost. 

Finally, research any special offers or discounts that may be available for your specific situation as these can significantly reduce costs associated with floor strip and seal cleaning in Melbourne. 

In general, finding an affordable yet reliable option for floor strip and seal cleaning in Melbourne doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to compare different providers properly.

After-hours service or Holiday period is best to reseal and other floors Cleaning Services Melbourne  

As reliable floor cleaners in Melbourne, whenever we carry out floor cleaning jobs for any client, we check the condition of the flooring. If we feel that the floor looks dull, we recommend availing the services for floor strip and sealing to the client. Our technicians are highly skilled in applying the sealing system to different types of floorings. First, we clean and prepare the surface. Then, we strip the floor using a floor scrubbing machine and apply the sealer.

If you have any Melbourne Floor Cleaning needs, we at IVY Property Cleaning Services can help you right away.

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