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Gym Cleaning Checklist: How to Keep Your Game Up in The Gym Industry?

Your fitness room is the glory of your gym. The cleanliness of the gym is one feature that you cannot shut one’s eye to. Gyms are destinations for fitness lovers, with sports facilities freely accessible for their exercise routines. If you want to keep your game up in the Gym Industry, it is crucial to maintain your gym clean. But how? That’s why we have put together a complete Gym Cleaning Melbourne Checklist.

How to keep your gym clean?

If we don’t have any instructions, we might miss some of the crucial steps of the cleaning process. Sometimes even with exact steps involved, we can get confused and forget about some or most of the tasks. A basic method that helps avoid these errors is a checklist.

Not like other industries, gyms are known as bacterial and germs abundant place. It is best to follow a checklist that lists down all of the cleaning tasks in order to get rid of all the bacteria and germs.

Benefits of using a checklist

  1. A checklist helps you to handle the different activities effectively and efficiently and also It’s just a list that holds all of your activities in one place.
  2. Checklists inspire us to take the initiative and to finish duties
  3. By having a checklist, you can perform routine tasks more effectively and reliably, with fewer errors, and improve efficiency
  4. Checklists make it easy for us to take care of clients by ensuring that you have excellent customer service.
  5. A checklist can help you to prioritize the tasks and manage the time allocated for each task.

What are on the checklist when it comes to cleaning a gym?

Common Areas checklist

  • Dust furniture and appliances, and keep floor mattresses free from clutter and tripping hazards
  • All of the touch and common points should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. E.g. Handles, Railings, yoga mats, vending machines, equipment (Weight lifting).
  • Keep Disinfecting wipes, so that members can wipe the equipment before they use it.
  • Check corners of your gym and remove dust and cobwebs at least once a week
  • Vacuum and Mob regularly all the floors.
  • Keep All the mirrors and glass clean

Restrooms/Showers areas/Locker Rooms checklist

Bacteria and germs are common in toilets and lockers, so they get soaked and often remain damp. Airing, washing, and disinfection are essential here.

  • All the touchpoints need to be disinfected before members access them.
  • Removing Mold
  •  Mob floors with disinfectants
  • Supply disinfectant wipes so that gym members can easily sanitize themselves

Office/Reception Area checklist

In any organization, the reception area or office is known as the customer’s first impression. Give good first impressions and keep your existing members coming back with shiny entries that attract you to your gym.

  • Remove garbage regularly to make the gym odorless.
  • Vacuum carpets and floors
  • Mop hard floors regularly and remove coffee or other stains.
  • Keep All the Glass doors spotless

Workout Area

  • Disinfect all the types of equipment and machines
  • Wipe clean all mirrors and internal glass
  • Vacuum floors and carpets
  • Dust surfaces
  • Thoroughly clean all the yoga mats
  • Steam cleans the carpets at least once a month

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