Gym Cleaning in Melbourne

No matter the size of your gym, we can guarantee that it’s a hard job to stay on top of. Ivy Property Services can lend a hand and take the guesswork out of all your gym cleaning needs. In this current climate, hygiene is particularly important which is why we employ only the best practices to aid us in complying with not only government regulations but those set out by Work Safe also.

When considering your need for a cleaner it’s important that you maintain awareness of a few things. The first being your client base. How busy and at when is your peak foot traffic occurring? This will allow you to determine the best time to schedule your services and how frequently they will be required.

As a general rule, we recommend a twice weekly service at minimum spaced out during the week, this minimises the days between cleans and reduces the total work needed to keep the premises up to standard. Less hours means less overall cost. This is because Ivy Property Services only charge what we need with minimal overheads.

On top of this, every package is customised to every client meaning you get only what you want and need. See below for our schedule of basic inclusions. No matter what services you required, these are ALWAYS included.

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