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Best ways to clean and disinfect a gym?

If you are looking for a professional gym cleaning service, you’re at the right place to receive the best service.  Gym and fitness centres are filled with different kinds of bacteria because every area in a gym is highly touched every day. Therefore, you should get the services from an expert gym cleaning company to prevent your gym members from getting sick from diseases and infections. Most importantly using the necessary steps to clean your gym will demonstrate to your members that hygiene and cleanliness are the utmost priority. That will keep your customers coming back more to your facility.

We categorize our gym cleaning services into four main parts such as,

  • Floor cleaning
  • Machine and equipment cleaning
  • Reception and waiting area cleaning
  • Toilets, shower and changing room cleaning

Gym floor cleaning

People sweat and walk around in your gym when doing their exercises. Gym floors are more traffic areas. If not cleaned properly, it will lead to many hygiene-related issues. There can be different types of floors in a gym and fitness centre. Therefore it is important to use chemicals that are suitable for each type of floor. A good gym cleaning service should ensure to take care of your expensive equipment and floors. Whether you have a soft rubber floor, hard rubber floor or carpet tile floor a professional cleaning company can provide you with excellent cleaning services for your needs.

Having an organized maintenance and cleaning service is the most effective way to maintain your gym flooring. Depending on the floor type, you will have to use appropriate methods to maintain hygiene. Contact us today to set up your gym floor cleaning service from our experienced and professional team for any type of floor as mentioned below. [IU3] 

Types of the floors

– Soft rubber

When it comes to cleaning your soft rubber flooring, it is important to know what to avoid. It is recommended vacuuming the floor and cleaning using a damp mop with our ph neutral cleaning chemical solutions such as Agar. A responsible cleaner will ensure to avoid acids, alkalis and petrochemicals when cleaning your soft rubber floor.

– Hard rubber floor

If your gym has a hard rubber floor, make sure you have a cylindrical brush scrubber to clean the floor.  Because using hard scrubbers can scratch marks on the rubber flooring. Therefore it is important to get a soft brush scrubber to protect your rubber materials. To keep your gym clean and sanitized, vacuum and use the scrubber daily.

– Carpet tile

Regular vacuuming is very important to high traffic areas like gym and fitness centres. Proper vacuuming is the best thing you can do for any carpet in your gym. Carpet tile floors are more durable and easier to maintain. It is recommended to do steam cleaning periodically if your gym has a carpet tile floor. You will be able to remove sweat and odours with the help of a steam cleaner.

Gym machine and equipment cleaning

People sweat more when they do exercises. Just wiping away sweat and dirt will not disinfect the germs and diseases on the surface. Therefore it is very important to clean your gym and fitness centre machines and equipment regularly. We understand it is vital for gym owners to maintain proper hygiene standards. Therefore, Ivy property services commit to clean and disinfect your gym machines and equipment with help of professional cleaners. Indeed, we can help you to keep them free of unhygienic sweat and dirt. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions will disinfect your machines for complete health.

Reception and waiting area cleaning

The gym reception and waiting area are key places in your gym. If these places are not cleaned properly, your customers will have a negative impression. You need to be dedicated to ensuring your members’ health and safety. Offering a clean environment for your gym and fitness centre should be a priority and it will enhance the satisfaction of your new and existing members. Therefore the best cleaning service providers will provide a variety of high-quality and eco-friendly gym cleaning services across the area.

Toilets, shower and changing room cleaning

Besides the cleaning of floors, equipments and other areas, we will also clean the gym toilets, shower and changing rooms. They are filled with various types of germs more than you can imagine because those can be breeding grounds for germs. The steam from the showers will cause moisture and grow mold. Therefore keeping these environments clean is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of your members. A gym cleaning service provides you with all the necessary steps to make your gym toilets, shower and changing rooms clean and tidy.

Why you can pick Ivy as one of the best cleaning solutions for your gym or fitness centre?

Proper hygiene in your gym protects your members, staff and also your business. Taking the service from an experienced and professional cleaning service provider will help you maintain a better environment.

At Ivy property service, we offer high-quality and effective cleaning services that are can be customized per your needs. As a gym cleaning company, we have been providing customized and affordable gym and fitness centre cleaning services for several years. Besides, we have a well trained and professional working team to fulfill all your needs. We use high quality and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean and disinfect your gym and fitness centre to keep your customers safe and happy. We can offer you the best solutions for your cleaning needs accordingly with the enormous experiences we have.

At Ivy property service, we understand the importance of keeping all the areas of your gym and fitness centre clean to the highest standards. We can help you to give your members a positive experience. We not only care about your gym machines and equipments but also cover the cleanliness of floors, waiting rooms, reception areas, toilets, showers and changing rooms.

You can count on our gym and fitness centre cleaning service to create a fresh, clean, and healthy environment for your members.  Start a conversation with us today and find out how we could help keep your gym and fitness centre cleaner and more hygienic.

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