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Ivy property cleaning services Melbourne covers a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Hawthorn. Every customer has a different need, so we make sure that you get a tailored cleaning service. Our professional team can cater to your every cleaning need. We cover all Melbourne suburbs including Hawthorn

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At Ivy Property Cleaning Services, we have always had the community in mind when it comes to cleaning services which we have extended to Hawthorn. Our presence in Hawthorn will no doubt create a niche in the industry for us. Our services are explained below and no doubt you will be happy to note that professionalism is the key to our success in the cleaning industry. Our workforce is trained in all areas of cleaning so that they are knowledgeable and experienced when they come to work for you. Staff are trained on a regular basis on various aspects of cleaning and keeping your office and home clean.

Office Cleaning Services Hawthorn

Ivy Property Cleaning Services has provided office cleaning Hawthorn for several years.  Offices have several departments and every square foot of space needs to be clean and tidy. We provide explicit services in office cleaning where you could hire us to clean your office on a daily basis so that your clients will get the best first impression about your business from its appearance and develop confidence in dealings with you. Our professional staff are equipped with the knowledge and expertise that is required in this field.

Showroom Cleaning Hawthorn

Showrooms are the link to displaying the products you manufacture. Hence your showrooms need to be kept clean and tidy as the customers who shop at showrooms will not want to be in an unclean environment. Our showroom cleaning services include mopping, vacuuming of shelves and furniture, and keeping the area free from dust and grime. Our staff are trained to take great care of your products and you can rest assured that your showroom is in the best hands.

Gym Cleaning Services Hawthorn

Gyms are patronized by people as keeping fit has created a new lease in life for the population. But you need to have your gym sparklingly clean as your clients will want a dust-free environment as they work out. Our gym cleaning Hawthorn are carried out by professionals who are trained to clean up gym equipment and keep the gym area clean and free of dust and grime. Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to the cleaning of gym equipment as this equipment is used by many people and the health of your clients is our responsibility.

Medical Centre Cleaning Services Hawthorn

Medical centres are frequently visited by people who come in for treatment of various illnesses. Hence our medical centre cleaning Hawthorn staff are equipped with the best in technology and experience as they provide a service that will keep your medical centre free from germs, dust, and grime. Medical cleaning services are of utmost importance as you are dealing with the lives of people who visit the centre. We specialize in cleaning out consulting rooms and operating theatres using the best cleaning equipment. Our staff are trained in these areas on a regularly and leading-edge technology is used.

At Ivy Property Cleaning Services, we always make sure that we use the most suitable cleaning equipment and products for each area. As an example, depending on the different floor type, we use chemicals with different PH levels. Also, we use round brush machines, rotary machines, pad brush machines depending on the floor type. We use the best-branded machines such as Aussie Pump, Nilfisk, Steam Vac, Polivac, Pac Vac, etc. and best-branded chemicals such as Agar, home brands from Access Cleaning suppliers, Central Cleaning suppliers, Melbourne Cleaning Suppliers. Our staff are provided with clean uniforms and overcoats, including caps, gloves and face masks if necessary,  as they conduct cleaning services at your office or home.  Our cleaners carry out an explicit service that would satisfy the customer. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of our business. 

Hire The Best Cleaning Company Hawthorn

Are you looking for cleaning services for your property in Hawthorn?

Ivy Property has been servicing the clients for many years when it comes to property cleaning. As a long-serving company, we offer a wide range of cleaning services for the residential and commercial sectors. Everything neatly placed, cleaned, and mopped can provide you a great feeling when coming to home or office. Most importantly, you cannot do quick cleanups on your own because it can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Therefore, you need to hire the best cleaning company Hawthorn and get the work done efficiently.

At Ivy Property Services, we have a team of professionals who are leaders of their respective fields in the industry. Moreover, we provide training to our staff on a regular basis to offer you the best cleaning solutions all time. Our professional cleaners can make the cleaning process hassle-free. Whether you need a regular cleaning or scheduled maintenance, Ivy Property Services can help!

Why do You Need to Hire Ivy for Your Property?

Our commitment to providing excellence in what we do makes us stand out in the industry. Let’s take a look at why you need to hire Ivy for your property cleaning in Hawthorn.

Professionalism matters

You cannot expect cost-effective cleaning solutions and desirable outcomes unless you hire someone professional. The professional team at Ivy can leave your property in perfect condition.

High-quality cleaning products

Cleaning products play an integral role in keeping your property tidy and clean. We use high-quality products that meet Australian standards. Our cleaning products can provide effective cleaning you can ever witness. Most importantly, we have a wide range of chemical and natural cleaning products to keep your property neat and clean.

Latest equipment and modern techniques

A company with outdated cleaning equipment cannot deliver optimum results, no matter how long it takes to complete a project. On the other hand, a professional company up to date with the latest technology and modern cleaning methods can provide you with efficient and quick cleanups. For your commercial property cleaning, the latest equipment plays a vital role in 100% customer satisfaction.

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Our services are available on long and short terms plans, which you can choose from.

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My go to for house and business cleaning. Trustworthy, reliable and efficient. I highly recommend!
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Ivy Property Services are a reliable, efficient & professional business with a great work ethic & friendly approachable staff. I have no hesitation in highly recommending their services & will be using them again in the very near future ...
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Deborah Amon-Cotter
The best guys around !!! No surprises.. I would like to give a 5 star for this team. Great commitment and Amazing Customer service...
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Our reputation for excellence has been built on the consistently high standard of cleaning we provide. We’re always happy to go the extra mile and we believe attention to detail is everything and providing our customers with the personal touch of an ecofriendly run business and a high standard of customer service.

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