High Pressure washing

If you work in an office where the outside is managed by a body corporate. But many factory and commercial clients come up against the issue of maintaining their warehouse floor to a standard that is safe for their staff, contractors and their business. It’s also important for homeowners in areas like backyard decking, driveways and pergolas. In these scenarios, high-pressure washing can be your go-to solution.

So… What Is high-pressure washing?

High-Pressure Cleaning involves using a machine that blasts water at a high volume and speed to remove any lurking debris, staining and dirt from surfaces. It eliminates mould as well as paint in certain situations. Ivy Property Services can help with all these needs with just one call.

But Why Hire Ivy for your pressure cleaning needs?

You could theoretically purchase a pressure washing machine yourself. However, most domestic use machines are not designed to tackle the big jobs that commercial machines can. Moreover, said commercial machines cost thousands and are not a worthwhile investment when the majority of high-pressure cleaning only needs to be done once maybe twice a year.

Commercial pressure washing machines can also be very dangerous given that they sometimes exert up to 4200 psi. To put that into context: It’s like balancing a Honda Civic (or any other similar size vehicle) on the space of a 20-cent coin. This kind of pressure can rip paint off the side of a house or the neighbour’s rose bush out from the garden.

Neither of these is positive outcomes but they’re perhaps the least that may happen considering that there always must be someone operating the machine. If you’re not experienced in high-pressure cleaning, then it’s probably not the best time to learn at the expense of the house, the roses, or your own body.

Ivy Property Services only hire professionals who are trained to do this type of work. Professionals who can handle this type of equipment and take care while doing it.

How Do I Book Ivy’s Power Washing Service?

Well that part is easy! Just head to our booking link or give us a call on: 0414 398 905

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