Maintaining A Clean Factory During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the rapid outbreak of COVID-19, it has become necessary for every business to take necessary precautions during business hours. Your factory is no exception. It should start with the cleanliness of your factory, especially those places that cause more exposure to COVID-19. A clean factory can keep your staff and customers healthy. Most importantly, your business can only operate if it strictly adheres to WHO guidelines. Moreover, customers will prefer a business that provides a safe workplace in such a pandemic. For that purpose, maintaining a clean factory is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep your workspace clean and tidy, you need to hire a professional cleaning company. Cleaning itself is a time-consuming and daunting process, it gets more complex during COVID-19. To keep you and your staff safe, an experienced company can clean and disinfect your workspace effectively. Ivy Property Services can clean your factory to the highest standards. We have designed training programmes for our professional cleaners to ensure your place is safe from COVID-19.

Do you wonder how to maintain a clean factory during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is, of course, a difficult task for any factory owner due to the COVID-19 virus. However, thorough cleaning of your factory workspace bearing the COVID-19 guidelines in mind can help you create a clean environment. Keep scrolling down and know about the vital things you need to do for a clean factory in such a pandemic.

Increase the frequency of cleaning for a clean factory

Obviously, you need more often cleaning of your factory during COVID-19 as compared to the normal days. As people continue visiting your factory, you need to clean the doorknobs, tables, and other similar points. These points are the sources of COVID-19 to spread as people tend to touch doorknobs. During business hours, you need to increase the frequency of cleaning to create a hygienic environment in your workplace. As a result, you will be able to maintain a clean factory amid COVID-19.

At Ivy Property Services, we have a team of experienced cleaners who can create a safe and better workplace for everyone. With our high-end cleaning services, we provide peace of mind to your employees and customers. Moreover, our staff comes up with proper Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, masks, etc) to ensure delivering optimum results.

Revise the cleaning schedule to ensure a clean factory

As the COVID-19 continues to spread, it is the right time to revise your factory cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning of your factory has become more important, however with a revised schedule. A professional company may need to perform regular cleaning two to three times in your factory to ensure a spotless space and COVID-19 free environment. To maintain a clean factory, make sure your company provides more thorough cleaning. The advanced cleaning equipment comes in handy to ensure the maximum cleaning results.

You, of course, want to prevent and reduce virus transmission among employees and customers. It is possible only through maintaining a healthy work environment. Identifying the areas with potential exposure to COVID-19 matters the most. As it mainly spreads when someone touches an area with the virus present on it, you need to increase the frequency of cleaning of touchpoints. Ivy’s expert cleaners understand how difficult it can be for your employees to work with an uprising tension of the pandemic. Therefore, our specialised factory cleaning Melbourne team can thoroughly clean all the potential surfaces in your workspace.

Follow correct cleaning procedure

To create a healthy environment in your workspace, make sure to follow the correct cleaning procedure. It is a time-consuming and difficult task that you cannot perform on your own. A quality inspection and supervising of cleaning tasks is vital. A reliable cleaning company knows about industry practices and follows standard cleaning procedures. During the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection is as important as cleaning. However, cleaning is necessary prior to the disinfection of the surface. Moreover, know about the difference between cleaning and disinfection to keep your factory clean.


When it comes to cleaning, it is all about removing dirt, germs, and organic matter from the surfaces. The cleaning products physically clean off the surfaces and objects. Remember, it may not necessarily kill the germs. As a result, coronavirus may remain on the surface or object even after deep cleaning. Therefore, disinfecting your workspace is necessary after a thorough cleaning.


Disinfecting requires chemicals to kill germs on surfaces and objects. A professional cleaner will clean the surface before disinfecting because organic matter or dirt may reduce the ability of disinfectant to kill the germs.

To ensure a clean and hygienic environment of your workplace, a combination of cleaning and disinfection is effective against the COVID-19 virus. At Ivy Property Services, we use premium cleaning products and chemicals that can result in optimum outcomes. Moreover, our cleaners always wear masks and gloves prior to cleaning your factory during COVID-19.

Our steps to keep your environment clean

  • The professional team of cleaners will wear gloves and masks when cleaning. Most importantly, our cleaners do not share gloves, as it can cause the virus to spread among workers.
  • We will thoroughly clean your surface using water and detergent. When it comes to cleaning, we have a wide range of high-quality cleaning products. While cleaning, our cleaners start from the cleanest to dirtiest surfaces.
  • We will then apply a disinfectant on a surface to kill the germs and viruses. Our professional cleaners use safe chemicals using disposable paper or cloth.
  • After completing a course of cleaning, we will clean and sanitise hands immediately.

Keep Clean Factory – Select Proper Chemicals & Disinfections

To maintain a clean factory amid COVID-19, it is essential to use proper chemicals and disinfectants. Only the hospital-grade and approved chemicals can work effectively against the COVID-19 virus. Whether you plan to clean the surfaces on your own or want to hire a cleaning company, the selection of chemicals and disinfections matters the most.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has listed down the disinfectant products that you can use against the COVID-19 virus. Take a look at some of the cleaning products that have been entered into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for legal supply in Australia.

  • A333 Microbial Shield
  • Activ8 Barrier Guard Commercial Disinfectant
  • Asepti Active Wipes
  • Clorox disinfecting wipes
  • Glen 20 surface spray disinfectant
  • Taskforce commercial grade disinfectant

You can check a complete list provided by TGA for more chemicals and disinfectants that are effective against COVID-19. When hiring a company, make sure your company’s chemicals and disinfectants are included in that list.

Select Proper factory cleaning Equipment

Selecting proper equipment matters the most for factory Warehouse cleaning Melbourne. The advanced cleaning machines can clean the surface more efficiently and quickly. During COVID-19, you need to thoroughly clean your factory several times a day. For that purpose, you cannot rely on manual cleaning or outdated cleaning equipment. When vacuuming the floor, make sure to use the latest technology-based machine for deep cleaning. You can opt for HEPA Filter that is highly durable and efficient when it comes to factory cleaning.

At Ivy Property Services, we have a huge collection of advanced cleaning equipment to achieve optimum outcomes. Our professional cleaners are knowledgeable who know it better than anyone else when it comes to selecting the proper equipment for factory cleaning during COVID-19.  

Cleaners Should Use Disposable PPE

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of disposable masks and gloves has become necessary for everyone. The lockdown in a country is not a solution. Industries need to be operated like they were on normal days but under strict constraints. For your factory, every employee should take necessary precautions to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It all starts with wearing gloves, masks, and washing hands frequently. Similarly, cleaners should come up with proper PPE to thoroughly clean your factory from doorknobs to tables, windows, machinery, etc.

A professional commercial cleaning company can take the stress out of the complex cleaning process. Moreover, you and your staff can have peace of mind when someone professional takes care of factory cleaning during COVID-19. Cleaners should wear masks and gloves before touching any point for cleaning. Working with our experts can provide you great comfort. Each member of our staff undergoes training to meet the Australian cleaning standards during COVID-19.

Wash mopheads and clothes before re-use

Cleaners need to keep themselves clean all time during COVID-19. Similarly, they have to wash the equipment they use regularly. The equipment may have a virus present on it. If you reuse it without washing properly, you are more likely to get a virus from it. Therefore, properly wash mopheads and clothes before reusing them. You can use washing powder or bleach to clean them. Moreover, make sure to let them completely dry for a few minutes. You should use disinfectant after cleaning the equipment such as buckets.

As a long-serving company, Ivy Property Services can help you maintain a clean factory during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert team will visit your factory to access the cleaning requirement and needs you may need. Then, we will develop a cleaning plan to suit your factory cleaning needs. Most importantly, our professional cleaners know how to deal with the cleaning process during the COVID-19.

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