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Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne: Standards For Chemicals & Products

Two main groups of cleaning chemicals are must for medical centre cleaning Melbourne, namely detergents and disinfectants. A detergent facilitates the removal of dirt and organic matter from particular surfaces. You can easily treat most of the hard surfaces with warm water and a neutral detergent.

On the other hand, a disinfectant is a chemical agent that rapidly kills or inactivates infectious agents. In general, we do not use disinfectants as general cleaning agents unless combined with a detergent. Any disinfectant you use for cleaning purposes within a medical centre must be either a TGA approved hospital-grade disinfectant or a chlorine-based product such as sodium hypochlorite.

You need to assess the efficacy of any chemical carefully. It is best o review and approve the cleaning and disinfecting agents depending upon the particular type of infection you are trying to control. Furthermore, it is necessary to regularly replace the cleaning chemicals as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Standards For Medical Centre Cleaning Equipment

All cleaning equipment you use in medical centres need to fit for the purpose and you should store them dry between use. You should avoid using any equipment which generates and disperses dust such as feather dusters and brooms within any medical centre. In addition, please make sure to fit HEPA filters to the vacuums that you use to clean carpets in clinical areas.

Please avoid using any equipment that can produce aerosols. Those might include spray bottles or any other sprinkling tool. In case of minimal aerosol generation, you can use certain liquid dispensers occasionally. Moreover, it is best to inspect all cleaning equipment regularly and renew them as necessary.

Typically, cleaning cloths and buckets containing chemical solutions are used for washing surfaces in healthcare facilities. You need to take proper care n order to make sure that these cleaning cloths are suitable for the purpose. Microfibre cloths consist of tiny charged fibres which allow dirt particles to cling on to them with electrostatic attraction. However, these cloths are only compatible with a limited number of cleaning products. Also, they should only be used when proper care can be taken to prevent the potential spread of micro-organisms from one functional area in a hospital to another.

Standards For Medical Centre Cleaning Techniques

Incorrect or inappropriate cleaning techniques may spread infection around rather than eliminating it. The flow of any cleaning routine needs to be from relatively clean areas to comparatively dirty areas. Similarly, this flow should generally be from high- to low-reach surfaces.

When using cloths and bucket system, you need to avoid double-dipping. Doing so can contaminate other clothes remaining in the solution. Cleaning of any particular area can be best either using a clockwise or counter-clockwise approach. Upon completion, you need to inspect the whole area to ensure that it is clean. Therefore you can benefit from using a professional medical cleaning service in Melbourne. Those services make sure to employ cleaning supervisors to confirm the centre cleaning is proper.

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