Many workplaces have still decided to let their employees work from home but in some cases it’s not exactly that simple. Especially with a lot of commercial offices in Glen Waverley forming part of a factory or warehouse. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, maintaining the high standards WorkSafe published in dealing with a pandemic climate can be tricky. Especially when trying to manage it yourself. Running a business of any calibre isn’t something one can do without a little help which is why Ivy Property Services is available to serve all your cleaning needs in Glen Waverley. We provide a comprehensive regular or one-off commercial office cleaning service. Every package is tailored to you and every package is guaranteed to include to address all the needs you may have in order to maintain the space at a standard that doesn’t just comply with industry standards but a space which makes working a breeze.

So what are our inclusions? Well check them out below!

1. Office Entry and Reception

When Ivy Property Services comes to visit, we begin in the entryway. The floors are cleaned using a Ph neutralising detergent, vacuuming as required is done and surfaces are dusted, wiped and disinfected to the highest standards.

2. Office Rooms and Offices

Much the same as the entryway but this time we also attack computer monitors and other hardware, so the allergens are minimised as much as possible. Like with the above, the bins are also changed.

3. Bathroom

This is where the action really starts. Ivy Property Services is known for our ability to get even the deepest grit from tiles, toilets, and showers. We use professional grade chemicals designed to cut through anything which may be lurking. We will disinfect all surfaces including touch points like handles, tapware and light switches. The latter is something most cleaning companies forget, but not us!

4. Kitchen, Breakroom and Common Areas

Combining our dust busting tools and wet area prowess, food preparation surfaces and anywhere your employees may enjoy their lunch are cleaned with food grade level disinfectants. We want to maintain the safest spaces for all our clients so we definitely know the difference between what chemical and where to put it.

And that’s it! I think we covered off all the ins and outs of our service inclusions. Don’t forget if there’s an additional job you need doing then don’t hesitate to contact us! It’s surely able to be done with Ivy Property Services.

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