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Office Cleaning in South Melbourne Guide 1: How to Keep the Entrance & Reception Area Tidy?

It is difficult to judge a business by its reception area. Nonetheless, the reception area is the first appearance that a visitor might see. Some wait till their appointments time is ready and the first thing that they might notice is how organized and cleaned the reception area is. That will certainly shape a view of your business in your visiter’s mind. A welcoming reception area ensures that the new staff and visitors, as well as visiting clients and contacts, have a good first experience of the business. If your reception area needs a good interior cleaning, Ivy Property Cleaning Services staff are experts and can definitely help with your office cleaning needs in South Melbourne. Below are some tips to make your office entrance and reception area clean and tidy.

Guide to Keep you South Melbourne office Entrance & Reception Area Tidy

  • Entrance floor

office reception floors are the first things clients see when they walk into your company. That is, it is very important to keep and maintain it clean and tidy.

Carpet floors need to be vacuumed regularly and steam cleaned to get rid of any stains or coffee marks on the carpet.  

Strip and Seal need to be done on the hard floors like such as vinyl floors. And tile floors need to be scrubbed and remove build-ups in grouts.

  • Remove clutter

One of the biggest factors that can transform every reception area into an ugly mess is clutter.

Keep the reception area tidy and clutter-free by not using it as a display area. And limiting the number of magazines and other items lying around whether it’s a waiting room, and ensuring you have plenty of counter space and limited furniture.

  • Get rid of the smell

Have a pleasant and welcoming aroma in the reception area frequently. Scents can have a significant effect on a visitor’s first experience of a company. You will not mind the cold cup of coffee right next to you behind the reception desk, but customers entering the reception area might not find it so pleasing.

  • Make space

Making spaces in a company is depending on the client’s Visitors would be turned off by a cluttered, crowded waiting room. Althougha few small and medium-sized companies can afford a huge, elegant waiting room, there are a few items you can do to make your reception look great:

  1. Furniture – To save space, consider reducing your reception furniture to only a few stylish, simple chairs.
  2. Minimize Magazine – Keep the reception area tidy and clutter-free by not using it as a storage area. And minimizing the number of magazines lying around and advertise all of your important advertisements or promotions using a television display.

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