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Are you looking for a reliable office cleaning service provider in melbourne? we provides Office Cleaning Melbourne since 2013. our expert cleaner team will clean your office using advance equipment. Because a clean workplace create nice environment that is the absolute driving factor behind workplace shine. According to Safe Work Australia, it’s the responsibility of all business owners.


When you hire an office cleaner in Melbourne, you need to consider the factors

Budget-friendly professional cleaners

Every business is on a tight budget with a lot of overheads. That is why it should be cost-effective to hire a professional office cleaning company in Melbourne.

Local office cleaners

Our cleaners work all over Melbourne which means we work right near you! No matter where you’re based, we can provide a service in your local area.

Experienced Commercial Office Cleaners

However, just any cleaner would not do the job perfectly. Your office cleaning provider needs expertise. In addition, they should know well about different commercial office cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, and cleaning procedure. Most importantly, they should follow work safety guidelines. Regular proper vacuuming of carpets and regular detailed cleaning of surfaces and appliances are just a few benefits of using IVY.

Professional office cleaning company in Melbourne

When you hire, you will need to research the reputation of the cleaning company and their customer satisfaction.

When you consider all these factors, Ivy Property Services is the best cleaning solution for commercial office cleaning Melbourne.

Daytime office cleaning vs After hours cleaning

Ivy property services offer daytime office cleaning services and after-hour office cleaning Melbourne.

We also schedule periodic detail cleaning during after-hours or on weekends.

Ivy Property Services is a one-stop cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Therefore, with our office maintenance cleaning package, you can get additional services as well.

Office Cleaning Cost in Melbourne

Ivy Commercial office cleaning Melbourne prices start from $35 per hour. Our office cleaning prices are really competitive and affordable since our prices include all the cleaning products and equipment.

However, our competitively-priced service does not compromise the work standards that make us better than other office cleaning companies in Melbourne. Moreover, it does not and the quality chemicals and equipment. May it be general interior cleaning or exterior spring cleaning, we can guarantee you the best service. Before quoting, we visit your office and understand your unique office and commercial cleaning requirements.

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Best Solutions For Commercial Office Cleaning in Melbourne

When we offer commercial office cleaning melbourne, we use a wide range of commercial cleaning products. That products are the best industry products

Commercial cleaning Chemicals:

  • Disinfection products for commercial office cleaning melbourne – TGA-approved products: Agar CounterFlu, Netbiokem DSAM, etc
  • Other products for Surface cleaning in the office and commercial space – Agar lemon, Agar Tango
  • Office and commercial floor cleaning products- Fresh mop, Access heavy-duty floor cleaner, Tile Plus, Shinywash
  • Commercial Washroom cleaning Products- BLEACH, CHLORADET
  • Carpet cleaning products – Agar Citrus Extra, Exit Carpet Detergent

Eco-friendly products

We use a Wide range of Eco-friendly products for commercial office cleaning in melbourne. These Green Cleaning Products are licensed by GECA’s.

  • All Purpose & Floor Cleaners- Ph7
  • Spray & Wipe Cleaner- Citra-Mist
  • Disinfected & Antibacterial Detergent- Kuranda
  • Shower & Toilet Cleaners- Fresco, Showerstar
  • Glass Cleaner- Bellevue

We’ve Industry’s best machinery for commercial office cleaning

Pac vacs, Steam vacs, Nilfisk, and Polivac are the best brands in commercial cleaning in Australia. We use the best industry equipment to provide better cleaning solutions and create a better environment for you and your staff.

Friendly, knowledgeable administrative staff

Ivy property cleaning service is 24/7 contactable. We pride ourselves on friendly office staff and friendly office cleaners. They will help to keep your office or commercial building clean and tidy. Ivy uses a good communication system to keep a good relationship between the clients and the company. It will create a win-win situation for both parties.

An Experienced Cleaner Will Reduce Unexpected Maintenance Costs

We have many years of experience in different types of office cleaning. Daily office cleaning, Weekly office cleaning or fortnightly office cleaning, or whatever you book, we maintain and keep your property spotless.

Our staff is specialized to deliver our office cleaning services with all your stakeholders in mind.

With our many years of experience in cleaning, we take all the necessary actions to extend the lifetime of your property. That will prevent any unexpected maintenance costs.



Green Cleaning Products for Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne, Good for Your Staff and Our Staff

While many people think eco-friendly products do not clean properly, it is not the case. Many businesses in Melbourne are incorporating sustainability into their everyday practices. Your business is no exception, is it?

Green cleaning products for office cleaning Melbourne, can help you create a more eco-friendly future. When you opt for eco-friendly products and green cleaning methods, it not only results in a spotless workspace but keeps it safe, effective, and good for the environment. These products are as effective as toxic chemicals because the only difference is the ingredients – not the chemistry!



A safe choice

Chemical cleaning products are corrosive to the skin, lungs, and eyes. Such conventional products can cause irritation, allergies, and chemical burns. On the contrary, green cleaning products are good for your staff’s health and well-being.

An efficient solution

Eco-friendly cleaning products are highly effective. Moreover, such products reduce waste as professional cleaners ensure nothing harmful goes to landfills. At IVY Property Services, our experienced staff can clean your office accurately and effectively.

Sustainable future

You can play an integral part in creating a sustainable future by choosing green cleaning products for office cleaning Melbourne CBD. It is all about conserving resources and reducing waste.

As a long-serving cleaning company, IVY Property Services understand the importance of green cleaning products for your staff and the environment. We use a wide range of eco-friendly products for office cleaning to yield optimum outcomes.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

A clean office encourages your staff to put more effort into work. As a result, it enhances the productivity and growth of your business. Commercial cleaning is vital to ensure a healthy environment. Moreover, a dirty office leaves a terrible impression on your potential clients and customers. Therefore, professional commercial cleaning services in Melbourne can help you to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace.

Difference between a private cleaning and a commercial cleaning company

It is all about experience and expertise to deal with complex commercial cleaning projects. Offices, restaurants, and retail stores cleaning require highly-qualified cleaners to yield optimum results. Most private cleaners lack the specialization and equipment to handle commercial cleaning effectively. That is because of the expertise in home cleaning. Hence a private cleaner cannot clean your office or retail store properly.  Therefore, only a long-serving commercial cleaning company can take on any commercial cleaning project. At Ivy Cleaning Services, our certified cleaners can provide cost-effective cleaning solutions for your business. Together we can make a huge difference in your business.

A commercial cleaning company can yield a significant number of benefits, such as:

Enhances Productivity

A well-sanitized and hygienic workplace will encourage your staff to work efficiently. Improving productivity can take your business to new heights of success.

Saves time and money

A reliable cleaning company comes up with the right equipment to get the work done quickly and effectively. As a result, you can save time and money that could be used for other productive work.

Health environment

Your staff will get sick often in a dirty and unhygienic workspace. Moreover, clients are more likely to visit a clean and tidy office, retail store, or restaurant. Therefore, a commercial cleaning company creates a healthy and positive work environment.

Regular Office Cleaning Not Enough To Keep Your Office Clean

Cleaning your office is vital to make it a better and more productive workspace. It can increase the productivity of your staff. As a result, you can ensure the growth of your business. Most importantly, the cleanliness of your office is the first thing that the clients tend to notice. While regular cleaning matters the most to do quick cleanups daily, but it is not enough to keep your office clean. 

Some hidden spaces in your office may require more than just regular cleaning. Therefore, you need to consider a detailed office cleaning Melbourne often. It may include dusting, cobweb removal, fitting, wall cleaning, wipe cleaning, and vacuuming floors. Detailed cleaning of your office monthly can benefit you in many ways. From maintaining the health and well-being of your staff to more productivity, detailed cleaning can play an integral role. 

Do you need a professional to keep your office clean in Melbourne?

At Ivy Property Services, we offer both regular and detailed office cleaning services to make your workspace a better place for your staff and clients. Our team of professional cleaners can get the job done perfectly. We also offer periodical detailed cleaning services quarterly or yearly. 

Carpet steam cleaning

As a leading office cleaning provider, Ivy offers carpet steam cleaning to deep clean your office carpets. We have the right equipment and high-quality products to ensure carpet steam cleaning of the highest standards. 

Window washing

Through modern techniques and methods, the highly-qualified team can provide you with cost-effective solutions for window washing. We also service high-rise buildings in Melbourne. 

Car park cleaning

Ivy Property Services can ensure a hassle-free process for your car park cleaning. Our experienced team can provide you with the best car park cleaning services. 

Communication makes the difference in commercial cleaning services in Melbourne


To keep the communication lines open between Ivy Property Cleaning Services and yourselves, we will maintain a Communication book on site. If you need special attention in a particular area, just leave a notice; it’s the first place we check when we come to the building.


Ivory Cleaning Services will routinely inspect the building to make sure all the areas are being cleaned exactly the way it is specified in your contract. This inspection is held by the Site Supervisor. These inspection reports become part of the communication book In addition, we set up a log sheet on your account and contact you monthly to make sure the job is being performed not only to your satisfaction but also to ours. This monthly inspection is held by our Area Manager and the report will be emailed monthly.


We value the input of everyone who will be affected by our service. This is why on a periodic basis, we maintain a communication book. We want to know from your employees of their evaluation of the service provided by us, as well as listen to their suggestions on how your office can be given better service.


Keep in mind that an experienced cleaning service can provide a better cleaning solution for you. Such a cleaning service provider will suggest the best for you and your office. We can guarantee that Ivy is the best choice for your office cleaning job.

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Our staff is specialized to deliver our office cleaning services with all your stakeholders in mind.

With our many years of experience in cleaning, we take all the necessary actions to extend the lifetime of your property. That will prevent any unexpected maintenance costs.


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