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A rough guide to the office cleaning quotes in Melbourne

Nowadays office cleaning is a very important service especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, office cleaning costs can be dearer. As Australia is battling the pandemic by taking precautions, cleanliness and how to clean their workplace properly is a big concern of the industries. Employees are hesitant to be at the work premises if that is not clean enough. So are the customers. Hence, all of the offices in Melbourne are not thinking twice to allocated an appropriate budget to cover their office cleaning cost. In addition, this can be a time you are trying to evaluate varying office cleaning quotes you got in Melbourne, and decide which one to go ahead with.

Generally, office cleaning quotes Melbourne depends on the size of the office. Furthermore, it depends on the tasks that need to be covered and the cleaning frequency office needs. It can vary from daily, once a week or twice a week or over the weekend.

The cost of office Cleaning in Melbourne depends on the following factors.

  • Hourly Rate of the office cleaning service provider
  • number of square meters of the premises
  • Fixed commercial cleaning rates per job

How Much Do Cleaning Companies Charge per Square Foot?

Office cleaning quotes in Melbourne per square foot are typically paid for bigger offices that vary from $0.3 to $0.5 to $0.7 per square foot, based on the difficulty of the work, service level, office size, and other related pricing variables. As a rule, the bigger the office room, the lower the cleaning cost per square foot. Also, the quality of such special cleaning services is often dependent on square footage.

What Are Commercial Cleaning Rates per Square Meter?

Some of the office cleaning costs in Melbourne could be between $2 and $3/m2 for a regular cleaning service contract, whereas a more thorough, cleaning service will be about $5.50 per square meter. However, every office cleaning need must be met with the best service. Hence, if you are looking for the best commercial office cleaning service, it will not be wise to go with per square meter rate.

How much should office cleaning quote be in Melbourne?

If you need a single office to be properly cleaned, you can expect to pay for work only.

  • $50 to $95 for a weekly clean,
  • $65 to $120 for a monthly clean, and
  • $110 to $210 for a once-off clean

As you have noticed, there are several different methods of finding reasonable office cleaning costs in Melbourne.

Basic office cleaning services

  • vacuuming floors, curtains, upholstery, and other necessary surfaces
  • cleaning, dusting, and polishing furniture and other areas as required
  • mopping and drying floors
  • emptying and cleaning bins
  • removing rubbish
  • removing cobwebs
  • washing kitchen/kitchenette floors
  • scrubbing and sanitizing the kitchen sink and backsplashes
  • wiping kitchen worktops, cabinet doors, tables, and chairs
  • cleaning kitchen appliances (e.g., Microwave, oven)
  • cleaning and disinfecting toilets, basins, mirrors, and floors
  • restocking toilet paper, towels, soap, and the like.

According to the ISSA 540 Cleaning Times, it is possible to dust 10,000 square feet every hour using a duster only.

To find out how to estimate cleaning duration and see several other regular cleaning output rates, please follow the links given.

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