Commercial cleaning Melbourne Rates

Usually, commercial cleaning Melbourne rates for office cleaning are determined by factors like the size of the office, time taken to clean the office, and prior condition of the office. The price can be $35 — $45 per hour for less than 2000 square feet area and for a larger office the price is calculated per square feet. Services falling in the range of $25 — $35 per hour can be considered as cheap whereas any service priced at more than $45 per hour is overpriced.

Every cleaning job is fairly unique, and it is not typical to charge commercial office cleaning on a per-square-foot basis. With an hourly rate service, you can fix the time and therefore fix your cost. Moreover, you can also request hourly rate services to clean to your needs and priorities. However, you will not have any control over the speed of work which can make it quite difficult for you to ensure that everything gets done.

On the other hand, with a flat rate service, you know exactly what is included before you even make the payment. This guarantees a fixed result and such service does not depend on the speed of the worker assigned to your office. But everything has its own drawbacks. Flat rate services have fixed lists which can severely limit the flexibility. Also, such a service is generally more expensive as it usually includes the whole office.

Cheap Price Commercial Cleaning Company VS Overprice Company

When you are looking around for a cleaning company for your office, you may receive a wide range of price quotes. One of the biggest factors that determines the price you’re being quoted is the size of the company. Someone operating their cleaning business out of a car boot can charge a lot less than a company with a bunch of branches and a number of employees.

A cleaner with years of experience under his/her belt will generally charge more than someone just who has just entered this field. With that being said, it is not guaranteed that the company which is offering cheaper services is guaranteed to be the worse of the two. Overpricing is not an indicator of high quality. Sometimes it could indicate low quality as well. Similarly, a company may be giving you a discount on your first cleaning assuming that you will be using their services on a regular basis.

Companies use a considerable amount of information to provide you with a quote. Most office cleaning companies charge by the hour, but others create an estimate based on the number of rooms or total square footage. Some companies will give you a really detailed quote for your office up front, while others will lowball and then upsell you on various services once the job starts. Customer reviews can be a great source for learning about such unforeseen occurrences.

With all of that being said, professional cleaning services can still vary in the type of cleaning quality they provide. It is essential to ask for and check references so you can get an understanding of whether you are hiring a top-notch company or one that does the bare minimum.

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