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Office Cleaning South Melbourne Guide 3: How to Maintain Spotless Exteriors Affordably

Internal cleaning just isn’t enough sometimes. While we definitely recommend employing a cleaner, sometimes your outside just needs a little bit of care as well. As a well-reputed office cleaning service in South Melbourne, Ivy Property Services Melbourne has two main tips for keeping your place from going south.

Pressure Wash Your Surfaces

This is SO IMPORTANT for places that get a lot of movement around them. Think warehouses, shop fronts and other ground-level buildings. You can do this yourself but we can also include it in service for you! Pressure washing keeps your facades and exteriors looking fresh and new. It also ensures safety by removing oil stains and grime which could otherwise cause slipping.

Inspections are a MUST

This tip is free because it’s the easiest maintenance you can do. Once a month, make a point of wandering around your property to check for signs of deterioration. If you notice something is starting to show signs of wear make sure you get right on it! The more exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements, the worse it can be. Once you’ve identified the issue, start searching for the best solutions.

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