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Office Cleaning in South Melbourne and How to Properly Sanitize a Hot Desk/Shared Desk?

South Melbourne is considered a hotspot for business and a hub for hot working desks as it’s home to many individuals and business owners. Therefore, office cleaning in South Melbourne is essential.

A hot desk and shared desk are when different people in an organization use an allocated desk at a particular time. This means that the desk will have to be sanitized after each person’s use. A desk surface is prone to have a lot of germs as it is a large surface area with a lot of touchpoints. Such as a keyboard, desktop screen, and mouse.

One environment that necessitates a clean desk policy is the growing rise of hot desks. In a nutshell, hot-desking is the industry method of eliminating personal desks in order to save space while decreasing prices. Some companies, for example, have announced savings of up to 30% by implementing this workstation trend. Although it can favor employers, it also has significant advantages for workers.

Here are five key points on how to sanitize a hot desk properly in your South Melbourne Office.  

  • Ensure the desk surface is clean

When cleaning a desk all the surfaces must be clean including the edges of the table and must be cleaned using Propper disinfectant and a clean cloth to kill all the germs and remove any dirt and dust. A work desk usually consists of coffee stains, food crumbs, and sticky tape. It is recommended to use cleaning chemicals and also a surface scraper to get rid of all the stains and marks.

  • Cleaning the permanent equipment on the desk after each use.

The computer and other equipment must be cleaned regularly and make sure free from crumbs and free from permeant grime. It is essential that the cleaner uses a damp cloth to absorb all the dust and germs.  Thereafter the cleaner needs to wipe down the surfaces with a dry cloth to ensure the surface is dry fully. This will make the surfaces look extra clean. At IVY PROPERTY SERVICES this type of cleaning is practiced regularly.

  • The chairs are cleaned regularly

The chairs must be properly sanitized including the handles and touchpoints.  Chairs have seat adjusters that must be regularly sanitized and are usually missed by a lot of people. However, at IVY PROPERTY SERVICES we make sure that these key details are not missed out. Because of the devil in the detail.

  • The fingerprint on the desktop and s must be removed

Ensure it is free from wipe marks. At IVY PROPERTY SERVICES we use the best cleaning equipment to remove the fingerprints and ensure crystal clear equipment services.  

  • Lift all possible surfaces and clean underneath them

Equipment such as keyboards and mouse pads must be cleaned thoroughly. This is where most of the grime and dust collect. IVY PROPERTY SERVICES has trained cleaners to tackle this kind of situation.

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