Office Equipment Cleaning – a quick guide


Even if your office space and equipment are small and are used once in a while, dust will eventually deposit on the surfaces. But the equipment should be cleaned from time to time in order to avoid other technical issues. So, let’s go through a few office equipment cleaning techniques, tips, and tricks.

Cleaning Electronic Devices

Cleaning the dust off of Electronic Devices like computers, laptops, and display monitors is very important. Or else, it could cause connections

1.1 Cleaning computer and TV display

Step 1. Switch off the power for the equipment

It is important to clean the screen of the equipment. But it is always a safe practice to get the power out beforehand to avoid any hazard.

Step 2: Wipe with a wet cloth

Start wiping the screen with a wet cloth as small particles can cause scratches on the surface. Purchasing commercial screen cleaners is also a good idea. However, be sure that you have chosen the right product.

1.2 Cleaning the computer CPU

Place the computer in a well-lit, dust-free environment. Contaminants like hair and smoke should not be close to the computer. Take a look at the fan behind the CPU. If there is a dust buildup, then it’s a sign that the computer internals is also dusty.

To clean, carefully unscrew the casing of the computer. Then, use a mini vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust. But be gentle and thorough.


Do not use any liquid cleaners while cleaning the interiors of the computer. Moreover, vacuuming closely the chips and circuits can cause damage to the circuits.

1.3  Cleaning the Computer Keyboard

Place the keyboard upside down and blast the vacuum cleaner, such that all the dust will fall off the keyboard.

2. Cleaning other office equipment

In the previous blogs, we have covered how to clean the general area and equipment of the office. It is important to note that finding the right cleaner for the right surfaces. For example, using harsh chemicals on plastic surfaces can cause serious trouble.


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