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School Cleaning Checklist To Follow Before School Reopening After Vacation

Many kids spend almost half of their day in schools trying to learn. Schools are, of course, powerhouses of learning. That is why it is necessary to facilitate the learning process in schools. Cleanliness is of those vital things that can encourage the students to remain focused. Remember, you need to leave every inch of your school in sparkling condition. A clean and tidy school will not only trigger the learning process but reduces the chances of getting various diseases as well. The cleaning process is complicated and time-consuming at the same time. For that purpose, the school cleaning checklist can help you in thorough cleaning of all the potential places.

Disinfecting shared surfaces and desks

Kids spend a huge time in the classroom during their time in school. Classrooms are the areas where they attend their lectures and listen to their teachers. It is a learning place for the students. For that reason, classrooms are the dirtiest areas in the schools. You need to clean everything in the classrooms to create a hygienic environment. Include dusting of desks in your cleaning schedule. In classrooms, there are usually countertop desks. You should consider an effective cleaning procedure for such tops. Thoroughly scrub the surfaces using soap and water. In the end, a disinfecting spray can remove any germs on the surfaces.

Proper dusting and cleaning of cupboards and shelves

There are many shelves in most schools to store books. Libraries are those areas where you need to make frequent visits with a dusting cloth. Regular cleaning of shelves in your school libraries can remove any dust. Moreover, consider the cleaning of lockable cupboards as well. Make sure to keep these areas in tip-top conditions as students and teachers often visit the library for reading books.

Many items are stored in cupboards, thus proper dusting of these cupboards is necessary. Dusting does not require much effort, however, you may need to carefully manage it to avoid any damage to the items stored in there. After dusting such cupboards, close them properly.

You need to do dusting on a daily basis. But if you cannot opt for cleaning regularly, at least do it twice or thrice in a week. Choose flexible cleaning hours when you can have ample time to take down the books and clean the shelves thoroughly. It is a tricky process especially when you have a large library. That is why professional cleaners have the experience to effectively deal with any cleaning process. They can provide you peace of mind by making every inch of your school sparkling new.

Vacuum carpets

Carpets are one of those things that attract dirt and dust. They can hold more dirt than their weight. You should include the vacuuming of carpets in your school cleaning checklist to keep the well-being of everyone in the school. It is a critical element in the cleanliness of your school.

Most importantly, proper knowledge of using a vacuum cleaner is necessary. Make sure to use it vertically on carpets three times. Moreover, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can remove even the tiny particles that you cannot see with a naked eye. Therefore, it is worth the investment to remove dust, dirt, and pollen on the surfaces. Keep all the windows open during vacuuming for the free circulation of air.

Wipe down and disinfect doorknobs

Doorknobs are the first things that students and teachers touch while entering the classroom. Doing so makes them the dirtiest areas in a school. These are the most frequent touchpoints where almost everyone comes into contact with them. It is extremely dangerous that can spread disease from one person to another. Imagine if one student who has bacteria on his skin touches the doorknob. Everyone else will get the bacteria on their skins upon touching that doorknob.

Staphylococcus is the most common bacteria found on your skin. Remember, it has various species and most of them survive on dry surfaces. As a result, they can easily transfer through doorknobs and other such surfaces.

Frequent cleaning of doorknobs can remove any bacteria present on these surfaces. Wiping is not all that you need to do to clear away bacteria on doorknobs. Properly disinfect doorknobs as well
to ensure no bacterial will transfer to any other person. After wiping down the surfaces, use a disinfectant spray to disinfect doorknobs.

In your school cleaning checklist, include these essential things to create a better and hygienic environment before school reopening after vacations.

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