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A clean school always looks beautiful and it not only promotes a healthier atmosphere for students and staff but also enhances the overall learning experience. so it’s very crusial task for school. if you search for a reliable service provider – Ivy Property Service available for it. we provide school cleaning melbourne since 2013, and we have emerged as a leading provider of school cleaning services in Melbourne.

Education Institute Cleaning

If you’re in the process of finding a reputable and experienced school cleaning service in Melbourne, you’re in the right place. We know that it is your top priority to have a clean, safe, and comfortable environment for students and staff.

We are experienced in servicing the needs of schools of all sizes. Therefore, we can tailor a School cleaning services package to suit your requirements. Because of this, we have a big satisfied client base who rely on us. That is why Ivy Property Services come to the top when you search for school cleaning companies near me melbourne.

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The Importance of Clean Schools

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

A clean and organized school environment significantly impacts students’ ability to learn effectively. Clutter-free classrooms and well-maintained facilities foster a positive atmosphere that enhances concentration and engagement. Students thrive in an environment where they can focus on their studies without distractions caused by untidiness.

Preventing the Spread of Illnesses

Schools are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, making proper cleaning and disinfection crucial. Regular cleaning not only removes dirt but also helps in preventing the spread of illnesses. A sanitized environment reduces absenteeism among students and staff, creating a healthier atmosphere for all.

Why Choose Ivy Property For School Cleaning Melbourne?

Expertise in Educational Facility Cleaning

Ivy Property Service boasts a team of cleaning professionals with specialized expertise in cleaning educational facilities. We understand the unique challenges that schools face when it comes to maintaining cleanliness, and our team is trained to address these challenges effectively.

Tailored Cleaning Plans for Every School

We recognize that every school has distinct cleaning needs. Our approach involves creating customized cleaning plans that cater to the specific requirements of each school. This tailored approach ensures that every nook and cranny is attended to, leaving the entire campus spotless.

Our Professional School Cleaning Melbourne Services

Classroom Cleaning and Disinfection

Our dedicated cleaning team focuses on classrooms, ensuring that they are clean, organized, and conducive to learning. We follow rigorous disinfection protocols to provide students and teachers with a safe and hygienic environment.

Gymnasium and Sports Facility Cleaning

Athletic facilities require specialized cleaning due to high foot traffic. Ivy Property Service ensures that gymnasiums and sports areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, promoting both safety and a positive experience for students.

Restroom Sanitization

Clean restrooms are a priority for any educational institution. Our team pays meticulous attention to restroom cleaning, using industry-leading products to eliminate germs and ensure students’ comfort.

Grounds and Outdoor Area Maintenance

A well-maintained outdoor area enhances a school’s curb appeal. Ivy Property Service takes care of outdoor spaces, including playgrounds and landscaping, to create an inviting environment for students and staff.

The Benefits of Ivy School Cleaning Melbourne

Highly Trained Cleaning Professionals

Our cleaning staff undergoes rigorous training to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. Their expertise combined with our cutting-edge equipment ensures exceptional results every time.

Eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning solutions for school cleaning

We are committed to sustainability and the well-being of the environment. Our School Cleaning Melbourne practices involve the use of eco-friendly products that are safe for students, staff, and the planet.

How to Get Started

To experience the transformative School Cleaning Melbourne services of Ivy Property, reach out to us for a personalized cleaning proposal. We’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that meets your school’s unique requirements. Contact us


A clean school environment is pivotal in fostering a positive and healthy atmosphere for learning. Ivy Property Service takes pride in delivering unparalleled solutions of school cleaning Melbourne. With a team of highly trained professionals, tailored cleaning plans, and a commitment to sustainability, we are the trusted choice for schools seeking top-notch cleaning services. Join hands with Ivy Property Service and provide your students with the pristine learning environment they deserve.


Q1. What sets Ivy Property Service apart from other cleaning providers? 

Ivy stands out due to its specialized expertise in school cleaning, tailored cleaning plans, and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Q2. How often should school cleaning be scheduled? 

The cleaning frequency depends on the school’s size and needs. We work with each school to determine the ideal cleaning schedule.

Q3. Are your cleaning products safe for students and staff? 

Absolutely. We use environmentally friendly products that are safe for everyone within the school community.

Our School Cleaning Area:

We are one of the school cleaning Melbourne companies operating in all Melbourne suburbs, We operate in all Melbourne suburbs and you can find us as school cleaning Bayswaterschool cleaning Croydon Southschool cleaning Mount Waverleyschool cleaning Glen Waverleyschool cleaning Hawthornschool cleaning Mulgrave. Therefore, we have all sort of different experiences. So, you cannot go wrong by choosing Ivy Property Services for any of your educational institute cleaning needs.

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