Showroom Cleaning

Showroom cleaning: all about it

The showroom can be anything from a car to an expensive piece of furniture. They are generally wide, open, and surrounded by important display items. Showrooms are basically designed to display the luxury of the items. It’s important to note that not all cleaning companies are designed to deliver showroom cleaning in Australia. Only experienced companies that have the right equipment, training and expertise can deal with showroom cleaning effectively.

So, what does it take to do showroom cleaning and what are the important aspects of it?

We will walk you through this question in this article.

Showroom Cleaning – a basic understanding

Each showroom is different from one another. They differ by size, type of display, type of hardwood used, and other areas within the showroom.  Showroom hard floors cannot be generalized. The colour, the texture, and other aspects of it control the type of cleaning the floor goes through.

There are other aspects a showroom cleaning contains. Bathrooms, offices, and toilets are also a part of any showroom. They should also be cleaned professionally.

A typical showroom cleaning would include the following inclusions.

1.0         Showroom
1.1         Vacuum floors
1.2. Floor mopping  with PH neutral detergent,
1.3         Front door glass cleaning,
1.4         Dust showroom items
1.5         Dust skirting boards and window ledges,
1.6 Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners,
1.7 Wipe down office desks

2.0         Toilets
2.1         Sweep and mop wet areas,
2.2         Clean and disinfect toilets,
2.3         Replace toilet rolls,
2.4         Disinfect doors, light switches, and touchpoints,
2.5         Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
2.6         Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners

3.0         Kitchen and Breakroom
3.1         Vacuum/sweep floor areas,
3.2 Floor mopping
3.3         Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners,
3.4         Disinfect benches and cupboard exteriors and other touchpoints,
3.5         Clean and disinfect the microwave and sink.

However, the inclusions change from one showroom to another.

An important aspect of showroom cleaning is window cleaning. An experienced window cleaner will not leave any dirty spots unturned while leaving no marks from the cleaning.

Ultimately, a showroom cleaning company should be experienced and tailor the cleaning needs according to the customers. That is why you should consider getting a quote from Ivy Property Services. Our experience and expertise in this domain will ultimately help you with your cleaning needs. Get an obligation-free quotation now!

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