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No doubt, categorizing waste is a social responsibility of every commercial company. Commercial spaces, like stores, restaurants and warehouses tend to generate significant amounts of waste. However, it is important to improve waste management and enhance sustainability. Also, it can help you save money for years to come.

A commercial cleaning company can help your business achieve sustainability goals. At Ivy Property Services, we can reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills. As a result, it can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Also, cutting down the amount of waste is beneficial for our plants and wildlife. As the leading cleaning service providers, our experts can help incorporate the three R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) to your core work. Recycling byproducts is the best way to reduce toxic gas emissions.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR refers to the business obligations to operate sustainably or in a way that is not harmful to the community and environment. Remember, it doesn’t only refer to the legal obligations placed on a business. As the name suggests, it is a social responsibility where business may go above and beyond the law to reduce its impact on the environment and society.

How to Develop a Better Waste Management Plan for your Business?

As a business owner, you need to consider some critical factors when it comes to developing a waste management plan. Undoubtedly, commercial cleaning Melbourne can help you develop a better plan. Here are three steps to consider to effectively manage waste in your business.

Step # 1 – Measure business waste

Firstly, you should measure the business waste. For this reason, you may need to go around to the waste collection bins for a quick assessment. Note down the size of bins and consider how full they are. Measuring your business waste is crucial to developing a better waste management plan.

Step # 2 – Reduce waste going to landfill

As discussed before, you can reduce waste going to landfills by incorporating the three R, such as:

  • Reduce: Look for the initiatives to reduce business way. Consider how can you reduce waste by changing the way your business operates?
  • Reuse: Look around for the local business that has a use for the byproducts or waste materials you produce.
  • Recycle: Identify the materials that can be recycled.

Step # 3 – Identify local collectors

If your business generates recyclable materials, make sure to identify local collectors. Depending on the amount and type of waste materials, you can look for the most suitable waste and recycling collection contractors.

Benefits of Waste Management

Social responsibility to categorize waste can benefit your business in many ways, such as:

Improve operational efficiency

No doubt, improving operational efficiency is a major concern regardless of business size. The way you deal with your trash can affect the operational efficiency of your business. If you want to improve the day-to-day business operations, look no further than streamlining waste management processes.

Improve brand image

Surely, consumers are more vigilant when it comes to waste management practices. This is where office cleaners Melbourne can help improve your brand image. Professionals have the right expertise and skills to manage waste materials. It is one of the major advantages of hiring a top-ranked cleaning company.

Boost employee morale

Remember, your employees are also concerned with the way your business operates and manages waste materials. Therefore, you need to increase staff awareness and responsibility towards sustainability. Make sure everyone is working towards a cleaner workspace and a greener environment.

Bins Used by Companies to Categorize Waste

Sorting waste collection, without any doubt, is a crucial part of waste management. It is important to separate the recyclable items from the rubbish. For that purpose, office cleaning Melbourne requires three types of bins.


All the garbage of your business must go in the rubbish bin. This bin has a red lid so you can sort waste collection effectively. Apart from the garbage, non-recyclable materials can go inside the rubbish bin. However, make sure not to put the toxic chemicals because they are dangerous.

Paper bin

As the name suggests, paper bins are used to collect unwanted papers. The leading recycling companies feed those papers to the mills to produce recycled paper. As a result, these recycled papers are used for new products. No doubt, paper bins play an important role in reducing waste going to landfills.

Recycle bins (Non-paper)

There are many recyclable materials other than paper. Here is what you can put inside your recycle binds:

  • Jars
  • Cartons
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Glass bottles

Avoid putting plastic bags, batteries, polystyrene, chemicals and glassware inside your recycle bins. Commercial cleaning Melbourne can help sort all of your business waste in the bins.

Importance of the Three “R’s” in Waste Management

Looking for ways to incorporate the three “R” into your business operations? No doubt, it is important to reduce your carbon footprints. But, it can be time-consuming and difficult for you to manage waste effectively. Expert cleaners have the experience to sort the waste collection. However, you can play a vital role in a greener environment by reducing the use of chemical cleaning products. Also, prefer the use of recyclable items whenever possible.

Ivy Property Services can help keep your commitment to social responsibility. As the leading commercial cleaning company, we provide the most suitable solution to managing waste materials. We always operate with transparency and honesty. Our experienced cleaners have extensive knowledge to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. Also, we can make the environment green.

It is very important to reduce landfills. By implementing the 3 R’s in your business day-to-day operations, you can reduce discharging waste to landfills. Also, it provides you great opportunity to recycle and operate your business sustainably. As the leading office cleaning Melbourne, we can build a better, healthier community. Our expert cleaners will cover all your cleaning needs. Contact us today to know more about our commercial cleaning services.

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