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Social responsibility Of Commercial Cleaning Company To Reduce Waste

Businesses running across Melbourne should reduce waste. That matters a lot for a sustainable future and green environment. It’s the social responsibility of a commercial cleaning company to advise their commercial clients on reducing waste.

Have you ever heard about the waste hierarchy?

It refers to the actions that you can take to reduce the amount of waste generated. For that, you can get the help of a waste hierarchy. That way, you can simply improve the overall waste management processes and program at your end. The waste hierarchy mainly consists of 3 R’s:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Cleaning companies can use the three R’s of waste management to help their clients create a sustainable life.

Do you wonder how to incorporate these principles into your commercial cleaning company?

You can easily implement these in your daily life. Start with bringing a small change in your lifestyle to reduce landfill waste. As the less amount of waste will go to the landfill, it will reduce the carbon footprint. Moreover, companies usually use three types of bins to collect their own waste. In this way, they can efficiently process recyclable items to produce new products.

Keep scrolling down and learn about three crucial stages of the waste hierarchy.

The First ‘R’ – Reduce

It is the social responsibility of commercial cleaning service to educate their clients on reducing what is produced and what is consumed. As a result, the commercial cleaning company will contribute to generating less waste. Thus they will contribute to recycle and reuse less at the same time.

When it comes to the process of “Reduce”, it’s vital to know what you’re using and for what purpose. When commercial cleaning companies opt for natural cleaning products instead of chemical ones, they tend to become socially responsible by reducing the waste going to landfills.

The Second ‘R’ – Reuse

You may have things that are broken, or you don’t have a use for them anymore. Moreover, you may find bargains on old things that you can utilise for different purposes. Therefore, reusing items or repurposing them in other forms can help you contribute to reducing waste.

Besides, you can contribute to creating a green environment by preferring items that you can reuse again and again. It does not matter whether they are in original form or a different form.

The Third ‘R’ – Recycling

Last but not least, recycling is a vital part of the waste hierarchy. In fact, recycling refers to the transformation of an item into a raw material that you can use again to produce a new product. Therefore, a commercial cleaning company need to know what they can collect for recycling purposes. Moreover, there are a few things on Earth that you cannot recycle.

How a commercial cleaning service provider can incorporate the three R to their work?

While providing cleaning services, you should opt for enviro-friendly processes to minimise your carbon footprints. As a result, you can avoid damage to the environment by reducing the use of chemical cleaning products, correct disposal of waste, and the use of recyclable items whenever possible. Furthermore, uniting the recycling plants with industries that can process the waste material helps in reducing waste to the landfills.

At Ivy property Cleaning Services Melbourne, we provide a reliable cleaning service. Our commitment to social responsibility helps us to operate with honesty and transparency. Moreover, we combine that with our carefully thought approach to health, safety, and making the environment green.

Reducing landfills has the utmost importance. That is because it helps to reduce waste. By implementing these 3 R’s in your daily work, you can contribute to discharging less waste to the landfills and help to recycle. Therefore, you can assure that you are socially responsible as a cleaning service provider. Also, you can ensure that you support to build a better Melbourne and make Australia greater.

Business Waste/ Commercial waste

In Melbourne, all businesses need to know about the waste management and recycling process. They should arrange their own waste collections. That is because the councils are not responsible for that. Moreover, council officers have the right to ask companies to show their contract of waste collections. Therefore, cleaning companies can be the contractor that collect recyclable items from their clients.

Undoubtedly, businesses can play a vital role to reduce the impacts of waste on the environment. Moreover, they can help to create a sustainable future by conserving natural resources and opting for eco-friendly products.

When it comes to commercial businesses, they need to label their bins with pertinent information such as business name, phone number, and address. Besides, it is essential to label your bin with the contractor’s name as well.

How To Do Collection Of Your Waste?

When it comes to waste collection, businesses need to store your bins inside their premises. Most importantly, they need to manage the waste correctly by closely working with their contractor. The contractor should collect the bins from the storage area of that business. Then, the contractor should return the bins as soon as they emptied them. The commercial cleaning companies can act as the contractor here if they wish or they can hire an outside contractor.

Placing your bins at the right place matters too. Councils recommend you to place them inside your premises. However, if you want to put them in public to collect waste, make sure to remove them as soon as you finish your collection process. An industrial cleaning company needs to pay attention to a few more essential things.

  • Bins should not disturb the traffic flow or parking
  • Please place them in a spot where they do not block doors or emergency exits
  • Keep them next to your business, but they should not block people from walking.

Most importantly, make sure to close the lids properly and keep all your waste inside your bins.

Cutting waste

Just like homeowners, commercial companies have a vital part to play in cutting waste. May it be reducing, reusing and recycling.

Do you know which sector contributes to most of Melbourne’s waste?

Undoubtedly, commercial and industrial sectors generate around 90% of Melbourne’s waste. In fact, commercial cleaning companies are no exception. From 90% of the waste, only 50% is processed and recycled.

Most cleaning companies use chemical products for cleaning purposes. Such products are toxic and affect the environment. Therefore, they need to opt for eco-friendly products that they can recycle. Please keep in mind that recycling does not only help the environment. But also it conserves resources and creates jobs to strengthen the Australian economy.

Types of bins used by Commercial Companies

Sorting waste collection is a vital part of waste management. For that purpose, commercial companies use 3 different bins to separate the recyclable items from the rubbish.


As the names suggest, the garbage of commercial companies goes in the rubbish bins. It usually comes up with a red lid to help you identify what should go inside this bin. Non-recyclable things can go inside the rubbish bin. When it comes to cleaning companies, make sure not to put the chemicals inside the bins as it can be dangerous. Opt for a way to dispose of them properly.

Paper bin

Most commercial companies use paper bins to collect unwanted papers. Australia’s leading recycling companies collect paper from such bins across the country. Then they feed those materials to the paper mills to produce recycled paper. Next, they use recycled paper for new products. As a result, it reduces waste going to landfills.

Non-Paper Recycle

It collects recyclable materials other than paper. Therefore, you should know what you can put inside your recycle bins.

  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Cardboard
  • Glass bottles
  • Jars
  • Cartons

Avoid putting the following things in your recycle bin:

  • Batteries
  • Plastic bags
  • Soft plastic
  • Polystyrene
  • Crockery and glassware
  • Chemicals

Commercial cleaning companies can play a crucial role in contributing to recycling by collecting and sorting their waste correctly in the bins.

Industrial Waste Management Systems

When it comes to the industrial sector, each industry tends to use industrial waste management system. Such system collects and recycles waste accurately. As discussed earlier, businesses need to collect their own waste and place their bins in the right place. It is vital to know what type of industrial waste business is generating. It helps in managing waste and determining the regulations a business should adhere to.

A business always needs a guideline to arrange its waste collection. The industrial waste management system understands your business needs and industry. Thus, they provide you with a set of environmental standards. Every industry needs to adhere to those standards. Moreover, it offers complete coverage to collect, process, recycle and dispose of your waste.

Similarly, most cleaning companies use industrial waste management systems to ensure recycling or disposing of their waste. In return, it will help to make the environment green and also conserve the resources.

Ivy’s social responsibility

At Ivy property Cleaning Services Melbourne, we contribute to creating a sustainable future for everyone. Chemical cleaning products can have long-lasting impacts on the environment and health. Therefore, we make sure to adhere to the highest regulatory and environmental standards of cleaning. Being a long-serving cleaning service provider, we ensure using eco-friendly products wherever possible.

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