Steps for Professional Office Cleaning


Office Cleaning is Australia’s one of the most common cleaning jobs. They are always in demand. Offices can either choose to employ cleaners themselves or they can outsource the job to a professional cleaning company. But, outsourcing the cleaner is the best way to go. Here is why.

If your own cleaners are on leave, that does not mean your office should be untidy and unclean. Moreover,   if you only need professional office cleaning once a week, that does not mean you need to pay for your cleaner extra for all the other days.

These things apart, have you wondered how professional office cleaning is done?

Typical office cleaning service follows the checklist attached below.

Schedule of Inclusion

  1. Entryway and Reception / Showroom
    1.1 Vacuum Floor / Mop Floor (weekly)
    1.2 Front door glass cleaning
    1.3 Dust and disinfect the reception desk
    1.4 Dust skirting boards and window ledges
    1.5 Empty rubbish bin

    2.0 Office Room
    2.1 Vacuum floor areas (weekly)
    2.2 Empty rubbish
    2.3 Dust skirting boards and window ledges
    2.4. Disinfect desk and other appropriate areas
    2.5 Internal window cleaning – Spot cleaning

    3.0 Lunchroom
    3.1 Vacuum/sweep floor areas (weekly)
    3.2 Floor mopping (weekly)
    3.3 Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners
    3.4 Disinfect benches and cupboard exteriors and other touchpoints
    3.5 Clean and disinfect the microwave and sink

    4.0 Toilets / Urinal
    4.1 Sweep and mop wet areas,
    4.2 Clean and disinfect toilets/ Urinal
    4.3 Replace toilet rolls,
    4.4 Disinfect doors, light switches, and touchpoints,
    4.5 Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
    4.6 Empty rubbish bins and replace bin liners

Choosing the right cleaning company

The tidiness and efficiency of professional office cleaning only come with experience. Moreover, the security of the office also depends on the cleaners

Ideally, a cleaner should hold valid police clearance and a Working With Children Check (WWCC) and COVID double vaxxed.

A cleaning company should also hold public liability insurance to cover any major damages by the cleaner.

We, at Ivory Cleaning Services, meet all the requirements above and provide the best service possible. Contact us now.

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