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Strata Cleaning: Finding the right company

Did you know that strata cleaning is a trend that originated in Australia? Yes, it is a service that is employed by the building manager and the co-owners of the building to keep the entire property clean and tidy. Strata cleaning is usually taken up by an experienced cleaning company.

For example, a tech park or an industrial facility with many enterprises operating at the same time, or even a mall with various retail shopping outlets, might pool their resources and engage specialists to clean common areas such as gyms, elevators, fountain parks, and parking lots.

Strata cleaning may sound like a simple thing on paper. But they involve so many areas within the building and different cleaning techniques should be involved to keep the place clean and tidy.

Here are the steps that should be taken by the building manager to take care of the building.

Assessment of the area:

The building manager should assess the building to understand the coverage of the building. Some area needs more cleaning depending on the traffic and the use of the area. The Building manager should also decide on the number of cleaners, and the type of cleaning equipment that is needed for the job. A timeline should also be decided to be conveyed to the contractors.

Contract Management:

Finding a cleaning company for strata cleaning is one of the hardest steps in the steps of property management. However, this hard step can be tackled by following a few easy tips.

The best cleaning company can be decided with the following indicators:

  • A good cleaning portfolio – look for google reviews, ratings, and industry experience. A good social presence is a good indicator as well.
  • Understand the company experience
  • Get an obligation free quotation
  • Look for any packages and special deals provided by the cleaning company
  • Read and understand the contract to understand the terms and conditions, limitations, and the types of insurance covered in the scheme.

Ongoing job responsibilities

A good cleaning company can also be judged on how well they are doing the job. The contract manager should see whether every schedule of inclusion covered in the contract is being taken care of, in the job. Moreover, the safety of the building and the cleaners is paramount. Keeping an eye on it would be good.

A good cleaning company will be taking care of the entire building and will uptake all the cleaning responsibilities and convey every need to the management. That is why, we at Ivory Cleaning Services, provide excellent strata cleaning company.

We also provide once of deep cleaning services like scrubbing, carpet steam cleaning, and pressure washing. It makes us a single stop for all kinds of cleaning needs. Call us or email us now to discuss your cleaning needs.

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