The Best Method For Factory Floor Cleaning and Warehouse Floor Cleaning

The cleaning of factory or warehouse premises is one of the biggest struggles. No matter how big or small your factory or warehouse is, proper cleaning of floors is essential. That is because it assures safety, in-house efficiency, and regulation compliance. Without having an initial plan in place, tackling the factory floor cleaning can be difficult for the operators. Therefore, propper factory cleaning method selection is important to ensure day-to-day operations.

Therefore, you need to know about the best methods for cleaning factory or warehouse floors. This article provides a brief overview of the important things you need to consider in your factory floor cleaning plan and the comparison of the best methods you can opt for.

Initial Preparations For Warehouse/ Factory Floor Cleaning

Making sure that the area to be cleaned is free of large debris such as pallets, boxes, or any machinery is one of the first steps of initial preparations. Based on the level of dust or dirt, consider the type of cleaning among manual sweeping or machine sweeping. Most importantly, be careful about hazardous scenarios such as loose electrical cables or chemical spills. It is then wise to contact a professional and reliable cleaning service provider in Melbourne to ensure an effective and safe cleaning process. At Ivy Property Services, we offer a vast range of factory floor cleaning services to keep your factory or warehouse in a clean condition.

Choosing the Right Factory Floor Cleaning Machine

One most important and critical concern is choosing the right floor cleaning machine. That can help you get the desirable cleaning of your factory. Your chosen factory floor cleaning units will directly affect the cleanliness of your floors. For that purpose, it is equally important to get assistance from the professional cleaners who can make it a hassle-free project with effective planning. Being a leading industrial cleaning Melbourne provider, Ivy Property Services can help you get the right equipment for your factory floor cleaning. From walk-behind sweeper to ride-on sweeper, walk-behind scrubber to the ride-on machine, our experienced and highly-trained cleaners know it better that which cleaning machine would work for your warehouse or factory cleaning. Based on your needs, we have the most suitable machines of the most reputable brands like Nilfisk, Tennant Co.

Floor Sweeping Service

Do you wonder how sweeping works?

It is a piece of cleaning equipment just like a traditional broom to treat solid waste but it works on a larger scale. It serves the purpose of cleaning for industry, factory, and warehouse floors. When it comes to sweeping machines, there is a wide range of models available from fully mechanical to combustion engine sweepers. Keep in mind that the sweeper should not be confused with scrubbers, as sweepers serve a solid waste sweeping function while scrubbers use a liquid detergent for floor cleaning.

Manual vs. Machine Sweeping

Manual Floor Sweeping

Machine Floor Sweeping

On the other hand, a machine sweeper comes with a motor that controls the rotation of the brushes. Based on the type of machine, it can be suitable for medium-sized or large-sized surfaces. If you’re looking for factory floor cleaning services, Ivy Property Services can help you in effective cleaning with the latest machines.

The manual sweeper lacks a motor and there is a mechanical connection between its rotating brush and wheels. The operator needs to push the sweeper, as a result, the rotational movement is transferred to the wheels. This type of sweeping is preferable for small areas.
1) Small area
2) Motorless
3) Powered by operator’s pushing (connection of wheel-brush)

Walk-behind machine vs. Ride-on machine

The walk-behind machine works on the principle of motor that is responsible for the machine’s traction and brushes rotation. The operator simply guides the machine with minimal effort. Due to the motorization of the brush and traction, such machines provide efficient sweeping and increased waste storage capacity, which makes them perfect for medium-sized warehouse cleaning surfaces. Moreover, these machines are equipped with electric motors or combustion engines.

Unlike a walk-behind machine, the operator sits on the machine and steers it when it comes to ride-on-sweeper. These machines come up with increased size and capacity as compared to walk-behind machines. For that purpose, ride-on machines are suitable for cleaning large areas where the operator doesn’t have to walk behind the machine. Ride-on sweepers can be equipped with either electric motor or combustion engines.

Floor Scrubbing Service

A scrubber can scrub or dry your warehouse or factory floor only in one go. However, you need to choose the right kind of scrubber based on your warehouse cleaning needs. Remove all kinds of dirt such as grease, truck marks, or any other stains from the floor with the help of a scrubber.

Manual vs. Machine Scrubbing

Manual use of scrubbing brush

As the name suggests, manual scrubbing is someone using a scrubbing brush for this task. This approach is only suitable for smaller areas of 10 – 20 square meters like a toilet floor scrubbing and kitchen floor scrubbing. That is because manual scrubbing requires more time to complete the cleaning project. The labour needs to put the maximum efforts to achieve the desired results, however, some dirt or stains may remain on the floor. When dealing with large surfaces, the compound used in manual scrubbing can cost you a lot of bucks. Therefore, for your factory cleaning Melbourne, manual scrubbing is not preferable for larger spaces.

Machine Floor Scrubbing

Machine scrubbers provide all-in-one solutions for industrial floor cleaning to take the intensive manual labour out of the process. With the help of machines, you can achieve improved results of floor scrubbing that result in a cleaner work environment. Most importantly, such scrubbing machines reduce the amount of manual labour required, thus allowing the organizations to focus on other concerns related to the operation and growth of the business.

When it comes to machine scrubbers, walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers are the two major categories. Let’s take a deeper insight into the benefits of two different scrubbing technologies.

Walk-behind scrubbers for floor cleaning

These machines are beneficial for the building with ramps or buildings that lack an elevator. Walk-behind scrubbers offer smaller footprint as compared to the ride-on scrubbers, and this provides you greater flexibility for certain types of floors. Such machines are preferable for specific types of floors such as particle floor types.

Ride-on scrubbers for floor cleaning

When you need quick-turnover of your factory floor cleaners, ride-on scrubbers are a perfect choice. Such scrubbers are available in a range of sizes which makes it convenient for you to choose one based on your cleaning needs. Ride-on scrubbers are equipped with the latest technology to reduce chemical waste and water usage.

Different Scrubbing Heads

Disc scrubbing head

Disc scrubbing head is used in those commercial facilities that have smooth floorings such as vinyl composition tile or polished concrete. Such machines offer greater down pressure as compared to other scrubbing heads that make disc scrubbing preferable for cleaning solid surfaces.

Cylindrical scrubbing head

These scrubbing heads are used in large wide and open factory spaces. It is best for the floors that may have debris that is not pre-swept before scrubbing.

Orbital scrubbing head

It uses orbital scrubbing technology for daily cleaning purposes that make it effective for deep grout cleaning and floor finishes without chemicals. Such technology comes up with a rectangular scrub head that can easily reach into corners and along edges.

Pressure Washing

When it comes to pressure washing, it is the technique of using high-pressure water spray to remove mould, stains, paint, dust, or any other dirt from the floor. It can work on the principle of either a fueled engine or electric motor that powers a water pump.

Petrol machine vs. Electrical pressure washing machine

For more regular and professional use, petrol machines are preferable for your factory or warehouse floor cleaning. When it comes to industrial cleaning Melbourne, such machines offer heavy-duty and power than electric machines. Most importantly, a petrol machine offers more mobility as there is no need for a nearby power outlet.

Electrical machines are more suitable for a home-like environment. Such machines get started with a simple touch of a button. If you need floor cleaning of your factor on less space, electrical pressure washers are lighter in weight and can work for you.

Pressure Gun vs. Flat Surface Cleaner

High-pressure guns are equipped with nozzles that can be adjusted to give several pressure patterns based on your needs. A high-pressure gun can control the flow of the liquid to the nozzle to effectively remove and clean the dirt from the floor.

Flat surface cleaners can remove dirt up to fifteen times faster than any ordinary pressure cleaner. These are easy-to-use and also ensure operator safety as less labour is required as compared to a pressure gun. For large flat surfaces of your factory or warehouse, flat pressure washer cleaner is an ideal choice.

Different PSI Range Machines

When it comes to pressure washer machines, some of the machines create 1300-1700 PSI while others can create 2000-3000 PSI. Based on your factory floor cleaning needs, choose the right machine. For your comfort, Ivy Property Services can provide you expert factory floor cleaners who will ensure quality inspection and effective planning of your factory floor cleaning.

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