Tips and Tricks on End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne


End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne is a buzz word since all the tenants will have to do one at the end of their lease. However, it can be a daunting process finding a cleaner and getting the keys back to the realestate agency. This blog will help you with tricks and tips on how to get the pressure off you when getting an End of Lease Cleaning.

Hiring professional end of lease cleaners vs doing it yourself

Most tenants want to clean the house by themselves and hand it back to the realestate to save some bucks. But, it has its own challenges. Most of the realestate agencies ask for an invoice from a cleaning company that an End of Lease Cleaning is performed.

If the property has carpets, most realestate agencies will also ask the tenants to perform a carpet steam cleaning process. An experienced cleaning company can only do this.

Moreover, Bondback cleaning, also known as End of Lease Cleaning might have recleanings involved according to the reports to the realestate agencies and will involve doing recleaning again. In that case, end of lease cleanings with service guarantee like ours will do the reattending for free saving the hustle for the moving out tenants.

On top of all that, professional cleaners know what the realestate agencies look for and therefore, will be able to cater to your needs to have perfect cleaning and to get your bond back from the agency.

Here’s a list of things we focus on in our End of Lease Cleaning


Standard End of Lease Cleaning (discounted)

  1. All Areas Inside the House
    1.1. Cobweb Removal
    1.2. Dust Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Door
    1.3. Wipe Skirting Boards/Windowsills/Doors
    1.4. Clean Accessible Light Switches/Power Points
    1.5. Dust All Reachable Surfaces
    1.6. Window cleaning from inside
    1.7. Wall spot cleaning (Maximum 15 spot wall marks only)
    1.8. Clean Mirrors

    2. Floors
    2.1 Vacuum/Mop Hard Floors and Carpet Steam Cleaning

    3 Bathrooms
    3.1 Scrub/Clean Bath
    3.2 Scrub/Clean Shower
    3.3 Scrub/Clean Sinks and Clean Mirrors
    3.4 Clean Tapware and Chrome
    3.5 Wipe Down Cupboards (exterior) and interior
    3.6 Clean/Disinfect Toilet

    4 Kitchen
    4.1 Clean Stovetop
    4.2 Clean Rangehood Filters
    4.3 Clean oven
    4.4 Clean Underside of Rangehood
    4.5 Clean/Wipe All Benchtops
    4.6 Clean Splashback
    4.7 Clean Tapware
    4.8 Scrub/ Clean Sink
    4.9 Clean Cupboards exterior and interior

    5 Laundry
    5.1 Clean Sink and tap
    5.2 Clean Cupboard Inside and Outside

    6 Bedrooms
    6.1 Clean Cupboards, and Wardrobes Inside and outside
    6.2 Clean Mirrors

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