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Tips for a stress-free end of the lease cleaning process in Melbourne

End of the lease cleaning in Melbourne is known to be a stressful task. Since tenants are struggling to get their bond back 100%. For this purpose, IVY PROPERTY SERVICES is offering great service. We aim to get your bond money back.

Because of a few little details that you miss sometimes, the landowner or property manager can sometimes refuse you your bond money. It is always good to ensure that you taking a professional end of the lease cleaning in Melbourne. One can guarantee a stress-free walk out of the property by hiring skilled cleaning services.

The end of the lease cleaning process in Melbourne is far different than a normal house cleaning. Removing Mould in washrooms, removing grease from the kitchen, steam cleaning carpet is the few tasks that a tenant cannot do by themselves.

Important Tips for End of the Lease cleaning

Keep cleaning supplies handy

Make sure to keep all of your necessary equipment and chemicals nearby or in a bucket.

Follow one direction

It is best to follow one direction that is left to right, back to front, and top to bottom.

Dry clean

When you do surfaces filled with dust, you should give a dry clean first. Duster or a dry cloth can hep you with this task.

Keep harmful elements away

It is safer that you keep all harmful elements or hazardous elements away from the cleaning area

Wet and dry

When you clean wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers, it is best to wipe the surface with a wet cloth and dry it with another dry cloth by spraying disinfectant. This will get all the dust and germs.

Kitchen cleaning

When cleaning a kitchen, you should bring a degreaser to remove oil. Spray oven cleaner to all the oily surfaces and interiors and leave it for 30 minutes, as soon as foam starts form, you can start cleaning with a hot wet cloth. Wash all the trays that are filled with oil and burnt foods.

Cleaning Windows

Dirty windows make your house uglier even if you clean other areas. Windows should be cleaned by applying soap to the glass from an applicator and use the squeegee to drag all the water.  

Exterior clean

Make sure clean all the exteriors such as post box, garage and doors, BBQ and outdoor furniture.

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