Vinyl Stripping and resealing – Commercial Cleaning

Vinyl floors lose their shine and polished nature as the sealer layers wear off over time and become abraded due to the foot traffic on the floor. These floors can become discoloured without regular maintenance and could even build up dirt or wax with improper chemical usage. If the sealer layers wear off, they can permanently damage the floors and could cost a fortune to replace the beauty and the lustre of the floor – commercial cleaning.

So, when do you need stripping and resealing and how do you do it? This blog covers it all.

Commercial Cleaning – Vinyl Stripping and resealing

What is Vinyl Stripping and resealing? This question should be answered clearly before we dive into the details of this Commercial cleaning technique. Vinyl stripping and sealing involve cleaning the surface, removing one or more coats of sealant, and then resealing it. Depending on the state of the floor, this may require either removing all the top layers and resealing, or merely removing some of the top layers and applying a new top layer.

Vinyl floors in residential properties usually last for seven to ten years while vinyl floors in residential properties last for about 3 years depending on the traffic that goes through within the area. A few signs on the floor indicate that you might need vinyl stripping and resealing for the floor. A few of them are worn-out patches, a dull appearance on the floor, chips, scratches, and dents, and a generally dirty appearance.

Whether it is commercial or residential cleaning, vinyl floors should be taken care of properly, or else, they might need permanent damage to the floor. Regular floor buffing is such a technique to take care of the floor.

The Process

The process of stripping involves applying the stripping chemical throughout the vinyl floor and spreading them evenly to remove the old sealer off the floor with the machine.

Then, a swing buff is used to strip the floor as shown below.

Then, the dirty water that accumulated is removed from the floor.

Later, layers of sealers are applied with time intervals in between for them to dry.

Although the process looks easy, the man effort and the cleaning part involved before and after are time-consuming. Only experienced cleaning companies can deliver the service.

The floor looks shining and polished after the service.

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