For a comprehensive warehouse cleaning in Melbourne look no further than Ivy Property Services, providing a variety of services to fit every business’ need and all industry standards required to maintain a safe and productive workplace. With our team of trusted cleaners, you can rest assured that everything from sweeping to pressure cleaning and all in between will be taken care of.

Why We Do What We Do

There are key tasks on our schedules that we will never compromise on. COVID has most certainly introduced a broad spectrum of challenges to the workplace, especially in logistics. Customer service is our passion so why not blend the two? Using our unique pillars of success, Ivy Property Services can elevate the cleaning game for you. We mitigate the stress and focus on the things you need not worry about.

Touch Points

Something you will hear a lot are the words ‘touch points’ and ‘COVID compliant cleaning methods.’ To break it down, touch points are anything which is well…frequently touched. Door handles, light switches, kitchen counters. A touch point is something which consistently used by a variety of people. Keeping these points clean and sanitised is a sure way to be COVID compliant.

Pressure Cleaning

Usually once per six months or once a year, pressure cleaning is one of those additions that Ivy Property Services absolutely recommends. It is the easiest way to elevate the look and productivity of a warehouse. Pressure cleaning is somewhat of a cleaning art which demands highly qualified professionals to get the job done. Ivy Property Services has that. We are equipped with industry standard training, equipment, and experience to give it our all.

Don’t Forget the Office

It’s easy when you engage an industrial cleaner to only think about the warehouse or factory floor- that’s fine. However, Ivy Property Services are known for more than just our superb floor cleaning services. We also are available to keep your offices clean too! You may have seen our post on how we maintain shared workspaces in the past, if not- go check that out here.


As always, every service we provide is flexible and unique to every client. You get only what you pay for and we will work to make sure you are looked after, never needing to worry about cleaning ever again.

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