Why Commercial Vacate Cleaning?

Most commercial real estate agents request a property vacate cleaning before the tenant permanently moves out of the property. Reclaiming the bond when you terminate the lease is also required. But why do they really require commercial property vacate cleaning?

Although renters pledge that they will keep the property clean, the reality is that they don’t. The renters leave behind a lot of garbage and leave the place unclean. A professional Commercial Property Cleaning will ensure that it is not the case and also assure the owner.

Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning for offices

Office spaces are the most common commercial properties for which, vacate cleaning is requested. So, at this point, you might wonder, what does a genuine cleaning company do during Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning?

A checklist of commercial property vacate cleaning for office spaces is attached below.

Office Entryway and Office Rooms

  • Office Entryway and Office Rooms
  • Cobweb removal and dust walls, blinds
  • Front door glass cleaning from inside and  outside
  • Dust and disinfect all desks cupboards and drawers
  • Dust skirting boards and window ledges
  • Window cleaning from Inside
  • All partition glass wash and Squeegee dry
  • Floor Vacuum/ sweep
  • Hard Floor mopping  with PH neutral detergent,
  • Wall spot cleaning and marks removal


  • Clean and disinfect toilets
  • Clean doors, light switches
  • Clean and disinfect sink and tapware,
  • Spot cleaning wall marks
  • Clean bathroom mirrors and cupboard
  • Exhaust fan filter cleaning
  • Sweep and mop wet areas

Kitchen and Breakroom

  • Wall Dusting and cobweb removal
  • Clean benches, cupboards, and drawers
  • Clean and disinfect the microwave and sink.
  • Vacuum/sweep floor areas
  • Floor mopping

Commercial Property Vacate Cleaning for offices also includes other services like pressure cleaning to get rid of dirt from any surfaces. Some offices are also adjacent to warehouses, so they will also need to be cleaned. In that case, mechanical sweeping and mechanical scrubbing will also be required.
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