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As we approach early spring, people might start wondering about cleaning the house. A spring cleaning becomes more than important at this point. You might have already been ringing or emailing Cleaning services about the quotes for your spring cleaning. However, a lot of people do not really think about the importance of window cleaning at this point. we provide Window Washing service Melbourne.

Therefore, we will first look at the importance of Window Cleaning, inside and out during Spring Cleaning.

1. Prevents Damages to the window

When you clean the windows, you will essentially remove any dust or stones that are in the glasses. This will ensure that there are no scratches to the windows and essentially make sure, the windows can survive for the house.

2. More light in the house

What we look forward to in Spring or summer after Winter is that ray of sunshine. Clean windows do not block a lot of light like dirty windows and therefore, let in a lot of light in the house.

3. Great appeal and first appearance to the house

The first appeal would look great if your windows and all the areas around are clean and nice, A dirty window would make your house look bad even if you have cleaned it very well. You don’t want the guests of your house to notice the fingerprint marks on the window glasses, do you?

So, what are the steps and how can we do it?

Steps for Window Cleaning

  1. First, get all the required equipment and chemicals for window cleaning.
    1. 1 10/12 inch Squeegee
    1. 2 A scrubber or sponge
    1. 3 A bucket that can accommodate a squeegee
    1. 4 A ladder (if needed)
    1. 5 Window Cleaning chemical
    1. 6 Water
  2. Add water to the bucket and add enough window-cleaning chemical and mix it together very well.
  3. After it is mixed, Soak the sponge/scrubber and scrub the glass with the sponge.
  4. Clean the starting strip in the Squeegee and start squeezing across the window.
  5. Wipe down any spillover across the window with a dry cloth.

Although this may sound very easy in steps, they are very hard to be done House cleaning in Melbourne. If you are looking for a House Cleaning Service, you can always choose Ivory Cleaning Services. Our experienced cleaners will help you clean the house. Call us/Email us now.

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